Spotlight on Canadian Audio Startups Revolutionising Industry Landscape Locally

January 6, 2024

Canada, known for its abundant natural beauty, is also making substantial strides in the global startup scene. This growth extends beyond Toronto’s financial niche and Vancouver’s thriving tech sector to span diverse industries, including the audio industry. In the previous year, a number of startups have emerged, taking innovative approaches to audio technology. By focusing on a wide range of services, like sophisticated narration software, dedicated podcast platforms, independent music recording services and more, these startups are enhancing their local economies and reshaping the audio scene. Below, we highlight some of Canada’s newest audio startups, all of which were founded since 2020.

Coupled with the advent of 2020, the global environment has never been more conducive to digitization than it is now. The audio and music landscape is no exception. The startups we have picked for their impressive market impact have all developed unique solutions, hence diversifying the offerings of the audio industry in Canada with their groundbreaking ideas and collaborative approaches. Each of the featured startups is firmly planted on Canadian soil, offering services tailored to both local and international demand, soaking Canada’s startup scene in diversity and inclusivity of the global market.

Included in this roundup are startups enhancing their respective markets with state-of-the-art technology in audio-related sectors. These Canadian-born firms provide a wide suite of services, solidifying Canada’s position in the global startup community. Let’s check out these promising startups:

Ad Auris

Located in Vancouver, Alberta, and founded by Logan Underwood, Tina Haertel, and Varun D. Sharma, Ad Auris is a narration tool conceived to assist independent publishers in transforming written work into sophisticated audio experiences. The focus of the company lies in reader engagement, achieved by providing scalable narration for written work, hence turning words into a rich, immersive audio experience.

Aleku Sound

Based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Aleku Sound is a recording studio providing musicians with comprehensive mixing and music production services. They work to equalize levels, cut and boost frequencies, compress dynamics, pan audio elements, and introduce time-based effects like reverb, delay, and chorus.

Conduit Voice Media

Conduit Voice Media, a startup operating from Lower Sackville, Nova Scotia, is revolutionizing the audio and entertainment sector through various unique strategies and solutions.

Cloud Present

Established in London, Ontario, by Bradley Richardson, Cloud Present is a cutting-edge startup operating in the overlapping spaces of Audio, Media and Entertainment, Professional Services, Software, and Video.

Agora Labs

Agora Labs, located in Toronto, Ontario, is a promising platform enabling web 3.0 creators to create scalable tokenized communities and rewards powered by their creator coins, and eventually, NFTs.


Located in Montreal, Quebec, MindBites, founded by Christian Roy, Daniel Robichaud, and Laurent Maisonnave, is a startup that brings innovative solutions to the audio, education, internet, mobile apps, and podcast sectors. Through its technology, MindBites condenses 5 hours of podcast into a span of 15 minutes. Their mission is to spread knowledge that empowers anyone to learn so that we live in a world where people improve every day.

These startups are not only marking Canada’s presence on the global map but are also adding essential value to the Canadian economy. By addressing market requirements innovatively and enhancing various sectors, these startups are shaping the audio industry in ways not anticipated before.

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