Spotlight on London-Headquartered Canadian Audio Industry Innovations

January 4, 2024

Canada has long been a hub for innovative startups, and the audio industry is no different. Whether it be podcasts, music technology, or hearing aids – Canadian startups are pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the audio space. For this article, we’re focusing on companies that have emerged in the audio realm since the start of 2020. Here are some of the brightest stars on the scene today, all of which have headquarters in London. These companies are making big waves in the audio industry, and we can’t wait to see what they do next. From podcasts to AI-powered services, these startups are offering unique solutions to pressing problems.

The audio industry is witnessing unprecedented growth, largely driven by technological advancements and changes in consumer behaviors. As more people discover the convenience of podcasts, the dominance of streaming services, and the immersive experience of audiobooks, demand has surged for better and more diverse audio products.

While renowned audio firms continue to hold significant roles in the market, innovative startups are progressively contributing to the sector’s advancement. These rookie ventures often introduce highly disruptive solutions created from fresh perspectives. In this post, we will spotlight some of those startups – all founded in 2020 and beyond – that are operating in the audio industry and are headquartered in London.


A unique solutions provider in the podcast space, Auddy was established by industry veterans Andrew Craissati, Chris Ancliff, Cliff Plumer, and Howie Singer. The platform offers a suite of services designed to assist podcast creators in navigating the market’s complexity. Offering editorial inputs, data insights, analytics, marketing, promotional services, and sales, Auddy seeks to bring business acumen to creators who often lack these resources. They’re located in London, England.

AMAKA Studio

Pushing for representation in media, the Black-owned AMAKA Studio is an inspiring venture co-founded by Adaora Oramah. The tech-powered platform helps in broadcasting global stories of Pan-African women, laying substantial emphasis on diversity and empowerment.


Mywave, established by Amira Sahraoui and Maryam Alfahad, offers unique audio solutions with an emphasis on wellness. The company has combined audio services with the emerging sector of wellbeing to offer distinct and socially interactive applications.


Podvine, founded by Jack Hughes and Sam Harris, has grown rapidly as a podcast platform. It cleverly integrates listening with podcast creation all within a single platform, offering users seamless functionalities.


With a vision to boost diversity in tech, Adrienne Youngman founded Rize. The platform facilitates insightful exchanges between tech voices through bite-sized audio interactions.

Narration Box

For the content creators, Narration Box is a brilliant startup launched by Chetan Malhotra and Haowen Lin. It offers unique functionalities in the realm of spoken content, carving its niche in the bustling industry.

Cloud Present

Cloud Present, founded by Bradley Richardson, is a Canadian startup hailing from London, Ontario. Serving in multiple sectors, including Audio, Media and Entertainment, Professional Services, Software, and Video, this versatile company is demonstrating the convergence of tech expertise.


Konnected, a ground-breaking platform by Kehinde Yinusa, offers asynchronous audio insights from experts and engaged communities. Think of it as a space where listeners can learn from and feel connected to leaders and pioneers across various sectors.

Aux: Open Music

Guiding musicians on their journey, Aux: Open Music was founded by Ben Bowler. The platform offers collaborative tools for music makers, while securely storing their work for future milestones.


RoEx leverages Artificial Intelligence to offer mixing services to musicians, producers, and content creators. Co-founded by David Ronan and Joshua Reiss, RoEx allows users to upload their tracks/stems and receive professionally mixed & mastered tracks within minutes.


Last but not least, Poddy, founded by Cüneyt Göktürk and Erman Darıcı, operates in the wide-ranging sectors of Audio, Internet Radio, Podcast, and Social Media, providing yet another innovative and clever way of delivering tailored audio content.

These startups demonstrate the ongoing innovations in the audio industry, highlighting the role that fresh and forward-thinking companies play in pushing the sector forward. Whether it be supporting creators, increasing representation, or leveraging the latest technologies, these businesses are leaving a distinctive mark on the audio industry.

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