Spotlight on Montréal Advertising Startups Transforming Canadian Industry Landscape

January 6, 2024

Montréal, one of Canada’s vibrant cultural hubs, is quickly becoming a significant player in the world of tech startups. In particular, the city’s advertising and marketing industry is flourishing with innovative companies redefining the sector. In this article, we spotlight some of the promising new Montreal-based adtech startups, launched in 2020 or later, making their mark on the landscape.

These companies have found ways to innovate within the digital advertising industry, developing strategies for effectively engaging with consumers. From devising ad networks built for the new generation of consumers to designing creative marketing solutions, these startups are an inspiration with their creativity and dedication.

Here, we present six standout Montréal advertising startups whose innovative approaches, encompassing a range of industries and sectors including ad networks, consulting, marketing, web development, e-commerce, social media, marketing automation, entertainment media and beyond, are leading the way for new ventures in the field.


Founded by Lucas Béland, Goloot is an up and coming ad network, reshaping how advertising is presented to modern consumers. By capturing valuable digital moments, Goloot connects advertisers to millions of potential buyers. The company is aimed at delivering an advertising experience built for the new generation of consumers, focusing on monetizing moments, not placements, to drive strong results. The company has successfully raised over 5M$ USD in 2 years and made a name for itself as one of the fastest growing early-stage companies in Canada.


UXStrive is a customer experience design agency that specializes in understanding customer needs and finding innovative ways to meet them. They have mastered the art of tailoring solutions specifically towards companies, crafting enjoyable journeys for their clients, and increasing retention rates through their innovations.


Founded by Jayson Samuel Hadjadj, Emma42 is a creative agency focused on supporting the growth of startups and enterprises in new technologies and e-commerce. Emma42 handles everything from company branding, marketing campaigns, website development to the automation of business systems.

C4G Agency

C4G Agency provides a digital tool for esports, sports and events business development professionals to optimize their B2B outreach efforts. With a focus on advertising and marketing automation, they are disrupting their industry with novel and efficient solutions.

Elite Wings

Elite Wings is making waves in the fields of digital media, media and entertainment with a special emphasis on creating innovative advertising platforms.


Founded by Louis-Phillippe Gauthier, Collectiv.TV is an innovative startup focused on aggregating creator content into curated topic-based linear channels that they syndicate to free TV platforms. For creators, Collectiv.TV helps grow their audience, promote their brand and generate additional revenue. For platforms, the agency supplies them with interesting content, assists in attracting a younger demographic and creates higher engagement.

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