Spotlight on Montréal: Thriving Consulting Startups in Canada’s Cultural Capital

January 23, 2024

Despite the challenging global atmosphere due to the Covid-19 pandemic, a cohort of resilient startups with innovative ideas and problem-solving abilities emerged in the consulting industry in 2020 and onwards. Many of these companies are based in the vibrant city of Montréal, Quebec, Canada; known for its rich startup ecosystem. These startups are diverse in their areas of specialty, covering sectors like analytics, artificial intelligence, big data, construction, recruiting, e-commerce, environmental consulting, marketing, and many others. They all demonstrate their ability to provide unique solutions which cater to the needs of their clientele, proving that Montréal is a hub for innovation.

Below, we have curated a list of startups from Montréal that started operation in 2020 or later in the consulting industry. We will shed some light on their background, industry focus, and their unique features. This will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the landscape of the startup ecosystem in Montréal, which will, in turn, give you insights into the extent of innovation and resilience in the city’s consulting industry.

Here are the startups you should know:

Montreal Analytics

Montreal Analytics operates in the Analytics, Association, Consulting, and Professional Services industries. If you’re interested in knowing more about them, you can follow them on LinkedIn or Twitter.

Berkindale Analytics

Berkindale Analytics excels in Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Consulting, and Financial Services. They leverage their expertise in financial technologies to provide powerful Artificial Intelligence and Big Data-driven analytics. Connect with them on LinkedIn or Twitter.

Devotek Construction

In the areas of Construction, Consulting, Management Consulting, and Project Management, Devotek Construction proves to be a formidable force. They focus on consulting services as well as on the execution and management of construction projects in many distinct activity sectors. Get connected with them on LinkedIn or Twitter.


Reelcruit is a startup working ardently in the Consulting, Employment, and Recruiting sectors. You can learn about their latest updates on LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter.


CEIMIA is a promising startup that operates in the Artificial Intelligence, Consulting, and Information Technology sectors. More details can be found on their LinkedIn page.


Stratemia excels in Artificial Intelligence, Business Development, Consulting, and Industrial Automation. More details about their revolutionary approaches can be found on their LinkedIn page.


UXStrive is a customer experience design agency that thrives in Advertising, Consulting, Marketing, and Web Development. They specialize in understanding their clients’ needs and finding creative ways to meet them. You can find them on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.


Emma42 is a creative agency that operates in Advertising, Apps, Consulting, E-Commerce, Marketing, Social Media, Web Design, and Web Development. They focus on everything from the branding of the company, marketing campaigns, website development, and the automation of the business systems. Follow them on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.

ESG Natural Resources

ESG Natural Resources is a startup that operates in the Consulting, Environmental Consulting, Mining Technology, and Professional Services industries. They provide solutions for the development and implementation of large-scale carbon dioxide removal (CDR) and GHG emission reduction projects. They can be found on Twitter and LinkedIn.


Weruncrypto is a consulting startup providing services in the domain of cryptocurrencies. Learn about their services and approach on Twitter or LinkedIn.

Kaster Technologies

Kaster Technologies operates in the Consulting, Pharmaceutical, Scheduling, and Software sectors, offering unique solutions for their clients. Find more about their innovative approaches on LinkedIn.

These companies represent the vibrancy of the startup environment in Montréal, their innovative visions, and groundbreaking contributions to the consulting industry. They are living proof of the city’s consistently evolving dynamic business scene.

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