Spotlight on Sydney-based B2B Startups Revolutionizing Canadian Business Landscape

January 6, 2024

Sydney is home to vibrant startup ecosystem where businesses flourish due to an environment conducive to innovation and growth. The B2B industry in particular has seen numerous companies that began in 2020 or later thrive, providing pivotal business services across various sectors such as software, consulting, and wholesale trading. We take a look at some of these companies that are making waves in their respective industries, forging connections and collaborations with other businesses and really bringing about a change.

Each of these startups has its unique purpose, vision, and area of focus. They are making their presence felt in the market, thanks to their innovative ideas, passionate team, and a strive for excellence. Despite the challenges that faced the world at the beginning of their journeys, these businesses adapted, persevered and emerged stronger, setting an example and paving the way for others.

So let’s delve deeper into the specifics of each of these startups, what they do, and what they have to offer. Each of these companies has something unique to offer, and their stories are not just inspiring, but also tell us a lot about where the industry is heading.


Founded by Einat Sukenik, TradeSquare is a unique Australian B2B trading platform designed for Australian SMEs to source a wide range of products from local distributors and wholesalers at wholesale prices. TradeSquare provides financial flexibility to buyers by offering 60-days interest-free credit. [Facebook] [LinkedIn]

Software Combined

Software Combined Group Ltd is an Australian startup that assists other software businesses in achieving their potential growth. It does this by acquiring promising software businesses and offering them financial security and strategic guidance. [LinkedIn]


FuturePlace is a full-service B2B media, events, and advisory business. They offer a range of services from events management to consulting, market intelligence, PR, social media, and content production, acting as a one-stop solution for business leaders, investors, and innovators. [LinkedIn]


Co-founded by Simon Lenoir, Budgetly is a financial management solution aimed at helping small and medium businesses optimize their financial operations. [Twitter] [Facebook] [LinkedIn]


JourneyLab is a strategic advisory firm that works closely with organizations to build strategic advantages. The company offers a platform that helps leaders achieve strategic alignment. [LinkedIn]


Avarni was founded by Anuj Paudel, Misha Cajic, and Tony Yammine in June 2021. The startup focuses on creating a platform for smart carbon data, aiming to reduce supply chain risk. Avarni uses artificial intelligence technologies to assist organizations in analyzing supply chains up to scope 3 emissions. [Twitter] [LinkedIn]

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