Spotlight on Sydney-Based Canadian Startups Innovating in the App Industry

January 3, 2024

In this new era dominated by technology, startups have been sprouting up across the globe providing innovative solutions for a plethora of problems. In the bustling city of Sydney, a number of Canadian startups have established their headquarters, pushing boundaries in the application industry. With the drastic changes brought about by the wave of technology, mobile applications have become an inevitable part of our daily lives. From finance, education to hiring, the following startups are revolutionizing the way we interact with technology.

Founded in the volatile year of 2020 amid the ripples of the pandemic, these startups are causing ripples across the Australia-Canada tech bridge. Under the mainstream umbrella they bring more refined, localized, and innovative solutions for the problems with their apps. Let’s dive in and explore the journey of these companies and learn about their innovative applications.

These new players in the tech sphere have already begun to turn heads with their unique ideas and problem-solving capabilities. While some cater to the needs of specific industries, others introduce a new level of convenience and utility to a variety of market sectors. Here, we present the notable startups of 2020 and the innovative apps they bring to our fingertips.


WeMoney aims to revolutionize the way people manage their finances. Founded by Dan Jovevski, it strives for an Open Banking license to access customer banking data, eventually enhancing their services. They offer a platform for users to keep tab on their expenses, manage savings, and monitor their income. With future plans to incorporate behavioral science and AI in their app, it intends to help users make smarter financial decisions. Check them out on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter handle @getwemoneyapp.

Zapid Hire

Zapid Hire, co-founded by Andrew Dewez and Sam Prince, is reshaping the recruiting industry with innovative software and technical support. They provide seamless solutions for employment and recruiting. Stay connected with their updates on Facebook and LinkedIn.


With the growth of cryptocurrency and mobile payments, Stables is poised to make a significant impact in the fintech industry. Co-founded by Bernardo B., Daniel Li, David Nichols, and Erez Rachamim, Stables provides a digital wallet to spend, send and earn stablecoins, on one balance. Stay connected with them on LinkedIn and follow them on Twitter @stables_money.


BruntWork focuses on helping businesses enhance productivity and reduce operating costs by leveraging offshore talent from low labour cost locations. Catering to over 700 global clients, they streamline processes like web design, data entry, social media marketing, and more. Stay updated with BruntWork on Facebook and LinkedIn.


1Question is an e-learning startup founded by Ann and Issac Elnekave. They offer an educational application that assists children in honing their academic skills, while also providing real-time progress updates for parents. Connect with them on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter handle @1QuestionApp.


Vonto, an Advertising and Software startup, is yet another rising player in the app industry. Their distinctive and innovative solutions are beginning to gain traction among users. Follow updates about Vonto on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Mumli is an app-centric platform specifically designed for parenting and women. It aims to bring creativity and sophistication to the mobile software industry. Stay updated with them on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Resupix, founded by Keryn Jensen, is a mobile-based solution for the HR and Employment industry. Resupix is using technology to bring an innovative spin on recruiting. Follow them on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Founded by Shaun Symm, Joycards offers innovative solutions in the photo and video editing domain. Their application brings a unique twist to the editing platform. Follow them on Twitter @joycards1.


Nudge is an App/Banking/Financial Services startup. They are catering to the industry’s needs with their unique and creative solutions. Connect with them on LinkedIn.

As Sydney rises on the global tech stage, these Canadian startups are not just surviving, but thriving with aplomb. Accounting for their dynamic and innovative ideas, we can foresee an exciting future for the Australian app industry.

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