Spotlight on Toronto-Based CleanTech Startups Revolutionizing the Canadian Industry

January 5, 2024

As we turn the page on a new decade, it’s important to highlight the positive narrative woven by innovative startups that are contributing to a sustainable future. More particularly, we dive into Toronto, home of promising CleanTech startups since 2020. This industry focuses on products, services and processes that use renewable materials and energy, emit fewer greenhouse gases, and have a minimal impact on the environment. Keep reading to discover more on these dynamic, forward-thinking startups located in Toronto, and their contribution to a sustainable future.

Giving prominence to the CleanTech industry would be remiss without noting Toronto’s formative influence. It brims with entrepreneurial spirit, multi-disciplinary talent, globally recognized universities, and supportive ecosystem partners. With these key ingredients, the city allows cutting-edge CleanTech startups to grow and thrive in an environment that takes sustainability seriously. These trailblazing startups use advanced technology to address environmental challenges while leveraging the business opportunity in this growing industry.

Today, we delve into the transformative impact of some Toronto-based CleanTech startups. We look at how these companies are promoting green operations and creating sustainable business models. They embrace innovative technologies in advanced materials, AgTech, Biotech, Consumer Software, and more, ensuring the CleanTech industry remains vibrant and progressive.


Founded by Arnab Barua and Martin Gagne, Dux is a SaaS platform that creates and shares digital instruction manuals. Physical manuals which are expensive to produce and harmful to the environment are replaced with accessible, convenient digital alternatives. Follow them on Twitter @dux_hq, and LinkedIn at Dux.

Liven Proteins

Leading the charge in sectors like AgTech, Biotechnology, and CleanTech, is Liven Proteins. Co-founded by Fei Luo, this forward-thinking company is creating a sustainable impact in the Food and Beverage industry. Check their progress on Linkedin at Liven Proteins.

Seal Storage

Co-founded by Alex Altman, Andrew McFarlane, and Michael Horowitz, Seal Storage is a developer of carbon-neutral, decentralised cloud storage, providing reliable access to secure, transparent and sustainable data. Stay connected with them on LinkedIn at Seal Storage Technology.


AMATEC is a construction tech startup that takes steps towards revolutionizing the construction industry by creating eco-friendly, cheaper and stronger housing structures. Keep up with their updates on Linkedin at AMATEC Corp.


Co-founded by Anna Khusnutdinova and Khorcheska Batyrova, OzoneBio points its efforts towards waste-derived bio-plastic production. Using dead cell fermentation (“Zombie cells”), they convert challenging feedstocks into high-value products. Follow them on Twitter @ozonebio, and Facebook at OzoneBio.

Volterra Energy Marketplace

Fulfilling a vital role in the software and consulting sector, Volterra Energy Marketplace uses its innovative software to empower renewable energy companies in Canada. Follow them on Twitter @vem_energy, and Linkedin at Volterra Energy Marketplace Inc.


Finally, Fractalytic co-founded by Bhavesh Kakwani and Mike Skirzynski extends the boundary of CleanTech into Real Estate. Stay informed with their advancements on Linkedin at Fractalytic.

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