Spotlight on Toronto-Based Community Industry Startups Revolutionizing Canada

January 5, 2024

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Our series of articles on Canadian startups continues with this feature of companies falling under the Communities industry in Toronto. Despite inceptions occurring in 2020 or later, these startups have exhibited substantial growth and innovation. They are redefining community engagement, health care services and digital solutions. Let’s take a look at nine startups from Toronto making significant strides in the industry.

All the startups mentioned in this article are headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, indicating how the metropolitan city is emerging as a startup hub within Canada. A contributing factor to this is the vibrant community and the dynamic environment conducive to establishing and nurturing startups.

It’s inspiring to note that some of these startups are actively involved in providing community support, whereas others are utilizing modern technologies like blockchain and e-commerce to enrich community interactions.


Bloom is an Advice, Communities, and Consulting startup founded in 2020, providing a specialized coaching program for adults. Their life plans programs are designed to help individuals reach their full potential. Connect with Bloom on their social media channels:@hellobloomers, Facebook and LinkedIn.


Lumenus is a Communities, Health Care, Non Profit, and Social enterprise working to improve lives. Discover more about Lumenus on their social media platforms:
@LumenusCS, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Founded by Dan Flatt, Naborino is pioneering in communities and e-commerce. Offering community group buying e-commerce with hyper-local social features for neighbours is a novel initiative. Learn more about Naborino on @heynaborino, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Communyco, founded by Bar Kirshon, Jeremy Aube, and Rony Rom, is reimagining content creation in the communities industry. Get more information about Communyco on their social media accounts: @communyco, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Koble Care

Koble Care is a digital support system for growing families in the communities, fitness and healthcare sector. Right from prenatal to postpartum experience, the Koble Care team includes experts to ensure babies thrive. Connect with Koble Care on their social media accounts: @koblecares, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Houselink and Mainstay Community Housing

Providing much-needed solutions in the communities, homeless shelter, and social industry, Houselink, and Mainstay Community Housing are making a difference in the Toronto community. Follow their social media accounts: @HL_and_MS, Facebook, and LinkedIn for more updates.

2Byte Labs

2Byte Labs is a blockchain research and consulting firm bringing new insights in the blockchain, communities, and cryptocurrency sector. Get to know more about 2Byte Labs on @2bytelabs.


Vibehut, founded by Chris Dolinski, is revolutionising the way communities communicate in the software and video industry. Stay updated with Vibehut news on @vibehutapp and LinkedIn.

These companies have showcased their potential for growth and innovation, making them worth watching in 2022 and beyond.

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