Spotlight on Toronto-Based Consumer Industry Startups Shaping Canada’s Future

January 4, 2024

Investors across the globe continue to place their bets on Toronto’s thriving startup community, one of the key drivers of Canada’s economic future. Notwithstanding the ongoing global health crisis, the full spectrum of enterprises that have their roots planted in the ‘6ix’ show promising potential. In this article, we highlight an exciting mix of ten emerging startups in the consumer industry, all of which were born in or after 2020.

The startups featured in this list up exemplify the city’s pulsating creativity, admirable drive, and unparalleled desire to innovate. Every startup mentioned is either Consumer-based or possesses an aspect of Consumer in the industry they serve. From beauty to the home renovation, from edtech to consumer goods and everything in between — the variety here is as diverse as the city itself.

Without further ado, let’s delve into our top picks for Toronto-based Consumer Startups, all of which have launched in 2020 or beyond:


Empowering beauty artists with technology, Fyyne is revolutionising the beauty space by making it a breeze to find and book top-notch beauty artists. By serving as an innovative marketplace for independent beauty artists to enhance their brands, interface with customers, and process payments, Fyyne is proving to be a critical player in the beauty industry. Find them on Facebook, @FyyneHQ on Twitter or LinkedIn.


In the Product Design, Manufacturing and Sales space, we have Papaya. This company strives to reduce environmental waste through their range of eco-friendly consumer goods. Find out more on their Facebook, @papayareusables on Twitter or LinkedIn page.

Model Living

From there, let’s move to the home renovation industry with Model Living, a company that offers customised kitchens and home renovation services, enabling their clients to turn dreams into reality. Take a look at their LinkedIn page for more details.


Connect with the tech side of the consumer industry with Dux, a mixed-industry enterprise that’s devised a revolutionary all-in-one SaaS platform for creating and sharing digital instruction manuals — benefitting both consumers and producers alike. Follow them on Facebook, @dux_hq on Twitter or LinkedIn.


Moving into the lifestyle brand category, we have SIDIA. Sebastian n and Ida Lee founded this innovative fashion startup that offers a wide assortment of consumer goods. Learn more on their Facebook or LinkedIn.

Antiseptic Pro

Antiseptic Pro is a health-based startup dedicated to manufacturing natural nutrition supplements and wellness products, in addition to disinfectant and sanitizers. Browse their Facebook page or LinkedIn to learn more.


In the Advertising and Marketing realm, Proforo offers evidence-based reviews and dynamic advertising tactics helping companies strategise their business goals. See how they operate on their LinkedIn page.

Cart Hero

An emerging player in the app-driven consumer software domain is Cart Hero. This innovative startup promises to turn heads with their unique product strategy. More details are available on their LinkedIn page.

SRS Scoop

In the food industry, SRS Scoop is making waves with their unique high protein, hemp-infused almond butters, taking wellness to a whole new level. Connect with them on Facebook.


Formaloo is an impressive EdTech startup offering a no-code platform for businesses to create and manage data-driven business applications. Find them on Facebook, @formaloo on Twitter or LinkedIn.


Last but certainly not least, Peggy resides in the art industry, providing a secure marketplace for investment-grade art to all. Watch their progress on Instagram, @peggyart on Twitter or LinkedIn.

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