Spotlight on Toronto’s Innovative Transportation Startups Reshaping Canadian Industry

January 23, 2024

Today, we turn the spotlight to a fascinating group of Toronto-based startups innovating in the transportation industry. These companies, all founded in 2020 or later,
are tackling diverse challenges from ride-sharing, pilotless airlines to same-day delivery services and more. Congratulations to these companies pushing boundaries
and changing the game in transportation.

The companies on this list illustrate how rapidly the transportation sector is evolving with the inception of various tech innovations. They also showcase how startups are leveraging technology to create efficient,
modern solutions for daily transportation difficulties while positioning Toronto as a hub for transportation-focused entrepreneurial journeys.

Join us as we explore these dynamic startups creating exciting new possibilities in the transportation industry.


Founded by Carl Pigeon and Jeremy Wang, Ribbit operates in the aerospace, autonomous vehicles, logistics,
robotics and transportation spheres. Ribbit aims to simplify starting, managing, and operating a pilotless airline. Access to good transportation
is seen by Ribbit as a path to improved lives. They are on various platforms such as
Facebook and

Dropoff AI

Dropoff AI, co-founded by Syed Qadri, Vaibhav Mehta, Yinan Wang, and Zafer Qureshi, focuses on improving
the last 100ft of the delivery journey. The startup helps last-mile delivery providers improve driver compliance, eliminate failed deliveries,
reduce delivery times, and more. Stay connected with them on LinkedIn.

Flight Club

Ehsan Monfared is one of the founders of Flight Club. Their mission is to bring general aviation
together, provide simple features for reducing the costs of flying, decrease maintenance expenses, and enable pilots to fly a range of aircraft
closer to home. Join their community on Facebook and


Dlvvr is a startup created by Ahmed Elshantaly, Jean-Christophe Martel, and Srushti Koorapati. They are planning
to revolutionize the E-Commerce, Last Mile Transportation, and Same Day Delivery industry. You can get the latest updates from their
Facebook and
LinkedIn pages.


Zygg is a platform founded by Kevin McLaughlin, aiming to transform billions of personal & business
trips into electric bike rides. This startup provides reliable, affordable, and hassle-free access to e-bikes, which includes maintenance,
repairs, and theft protection. Follow them on Twitter,
Facebook, and


Flott is an AI-powered startup that aims to optimize last mile delivery solutions. Founded by Ehsan Golabgir,
they design and operate solutions that deliver products to every household and business across Canada. Stay connected with them on

Adventure p2p rentals

Adventure p2p rentals is a power sport marketplace which helps equipment owners create a new
revenue stream and lower their cost of ownership. Connect with them on
Facebook and


Waabi, founded by Raquel Urtasun, is an AI company that develops driverless trucks. They aim to bring the promise
of self-driving closer to commercialization. Follow them on Twitter and

FlashBox – Same-day Delivery for Businesses

Founded by Mehdi Nayebi and Mehrshad Pezeshk, FlashBox is a cutting-edge last-mile delivery solution
for businesses. They guarantee fast and reliable delivery using proprietary software and a roster of independent drivers. Stay connected with them on
Twitter, Facebook, and

Local Driver

Local Driver is a unique cooperation that includes delivery and ride-sharing services. The platform
is owned by its members, the drivers, and couriers, who receive 90% of the revenue. Follow them on

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