Spotlight on Victoria-based Blockchain Startups Revolutionizing Canada’s Tech Scene

January 4, 2024

Blockchain startups are proliferating in Canada, especially in the city of Victoria. Born out of the emerging potential of blockchain technology, these companies are harnessing its power to revolutionize various sectors. These firms are representative of a new wave of innovation that’s set to bring unprecedented transformation within the Canadian economy. This article highlights some of the most promising startups in Victoria’s blockchain industry, established in 2020 or later.

These startups are pioneering advancements in sectors such as cryptocurrency, fintech, and information technology. Their shared objective is to create innovative solutions that disrupt traditional norms and build tech-forward futures. With the integration of blockchain, these businesses are privileged with increased security, transparency, and the accelerated performance of transactions.

Victoria is not just a city with great views and rich history. It’s also a hub for technological innovation, and the startups listed below are testament to that. Let’s explore these companies that are making a mark in the blockchain industry.

Coin Harbour

Coin Harbour is a user-friendly, secure platform that allows users to buy Bitcoin in Australia. Founded by experts in Fintech and Financial Markets, their aim is to provide a next-generation crypto-exchange service. The use of Artificial Intelligence for smart market-making is part of their future development plans. They thrive on providing instant execution, guaranteed liquidity, and competitive pricing to their members. is steeped in the development of the native zkEVM. A stand-out in the Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, and Information Technology sectors, offers valuable offerings that enhance these growing industries.

MTMS Network

Founded by Anna Vu, Hung Huynh, and Thinh Bui, MTMS Network strives to increase efficiency and quality for work-from-home and remote learning activities. By integrating web2 to blockchain, they aim to connect traditional users with the blockchain world and make blockchain technology more accessible for daily activities.

DeFi Link

DeFi Link, begun by Riley James, is making waves in the Blockchain, Crowdfunding, Financial Services, and FinTech sectors. Keep an eye on this promising startup as it continues to develop within these industries.


Founded by Ibrahim Ahmed, LuduFi offers a play-to-earn blockchain gaming model, trustless NFT lending, and digital asset management tools. It caters to guilds, gamers, and game providers and promotes an economic sharing model that allows asset holders to lease out idle NFTs for a share of players’ earnings.


Ragnafi, a notable player in the Blockchain, Financial Exchanges, Financial Services, and Trading Platform sectors, is driving innovative solutions that advance these industries. Stay tuned to see more from this promising startup.


Funded by Dr. Joena Zh and Tick Jiang, NUAI aims to enhance businesses with future-proof AI capabilities. NUAI pioneers AI solutions to tackle real-world business challenges, focusing on zero-shot learning, lifelong machine learning, and reinforcement learning AI models.


Founded by Ash Hoey and Martin Lazarevic, STADIO provides a suite of blockchain tech-enabled products, covering areas such as B2B SaaS Solutions, Fraud Prevention Solutions, Decentralised Finance & Peer-to-Peer Blockchain Gaming.

Mirror Planet

Mirror Planet is an innovative metaverse environment that uses Google Maps to overlay actual streets and buildings. This intersection of the physical and digital world represents a step towards the future of interactive technology.

CoNET Technologies LLC.

CoNET Technologies, founded by Peter Xie, brings a revolution in blockchain and network communication. They aim to collaborate with strategic partners and build a community to accelerate their development and bring their user-aligned products to market.

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