Spotlight on Winnipeg’s Software Startups Transforming Canada’s Tech Ecosystem

January 29, 2024


When it comes to technology startups, Canada has been making rapid strides over the past few years. In the heart of the country, Winnipeg, Manitoba has been quietly catching up with a slew of new businesses emerging, especially in the software industry. Startups formed post-2020 have been making waves in the country’s tech sector. This article explores some of the vibrant startups operating from Winnipeg, relating their innovative solutions, unique business approaches, and the entrepreneurial minds driving them.

These startups, which have been established as early as 2020, span various sectors of the software industry. They are busy designing, developing, and deploying applications and services that affect everyday life, from health care to social planning, from commercial building maintenance to peer-to-peer renting. Not only are they changing the way we work, play, and live, but they are also contributing to boosting Canada’s economy by promoting innovation and entrepreneurship.

In this piece, our focus is primarily on startups carving out a niche in different verticals of the software industry. We delve into the founders, their mission, and the impacts they have created. Here are the highlight companies:


Founded in Winnipeg, Renterii is a peer-peer rental platform. It is designed for individuals to list, discover, and rent out items or spaces directly from their mobile device. This platform stands as a testimony to the potential of apps when mixed with other tech innovations. You can follow Renterii on Facebook, @renterii on Twitter or Renterii on Linkedin.

Tooth Secret View (TSV)

Born and developed in Winnipeg, Tooth Secret View employs Artificial Intelligence and Convolutional Neural Networks. The startup creates revolutionary software that provides a second opinion to dentists on teeth surfaces with plaque formation. Keep up to date with TSV on Facebook, @tsvpro on Twitter, or TSV on LinkedIn.


RoofBundle, another Winnipeg-based startup, is making its presence felt in the categories of app creation, building maintenance, and commercial and residential services. Interested readers can find out more about it on its Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages.


Revvo is a consumer reviews platform that employs advanced marketing automation techniques to help businesses. Although it currently lacks social media connections, we anticipate their developments in the marketing and software sectors.


Found in Winnipeg, 3Common is a social-planning marketplace. It aims to streamline social planning and improve connections between event businesses and their customers. More information about their latest developments can be found on their Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages.

Studio Farout

Also based in Winnipeg, Studio Farout offers full-service creative strategy and design solutions. They strive to transform companies through data, creativity, strategy, and design. Follow on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn for their latest updates.

In conclusion, Winnipeg’s software startups have made significant strides, showcasing brilliant ideas and innovative solutions since their inception in 2020. They represent not just the future of Winnipeg’s entrepreneurship, but also contribute significantly to Canada’s software industry.


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