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Tech Start-ups To Look Out For In Canada

There are over 450 tech start-ups in Canada right now, reinforcing the claims that anyone wanting to make it in the tech sector should have the country on their list. But, with so many excellent tech start-up offerings, which are the most promising to look out for in 2022 and beyond.


Quarter4 is one of the most exciting tech start-ups out of Canada, and more specifically, Guelph. What Quarter4 brings to the table are sports betting prediction solutions that are powered by AI. So, for example, if you wanted to arm yourself with knowledge before checking out NBA sports betting markets, Quarter4 is on hand to help in an instant. The service specialises in win/loss predictions, with the company having come a long way since being founded in 2018.



Ice hockey is the national sport of Canada, right? So, it makes sense for there to be a tech start-up that directly impacts the game. Founded in Montreal in 2014, SportLogIQ deals in the analytics side of ice hockey by tracking micro stats and creating data visualisations based on findings from hockey teams and players. The computer-based algorithm they have at their disposal allows players to be tracked thirty times per second, which then allows data to be snapped. The results provided by analytics can be used to improve performance, be it that of a team, a player, or both.


Commuters travelling around Canada on bikes has become more popular over the years. And Vanhawks, a company founded in 2012 in Toronto, has been a significant proponent of this. What Vanhawks bring to the table that others potentially do not is that their commuter bikes are made of carbon fibre, making them more durable. And there’s also the inclusion of LED indications. Riders of bikes produced by Vanhawks will also find the haptic feedback excellent when it comes to notifying of hazards while turning, and a bespoke app will detail riding history, distance travelled, calories burned, etc.

Sports IQ

Sports IQ is similar in many ways to Quarter4, as it deals in the sports betting side of things. And again, this Vancouver-based start-up that was founded in 2018 utilises artificial intelligence to power betting management solutions. If a user is operating the Sports IQ platform, they will get dynamics presented to them pre-game and during, be it MLB, NBA, NHL, NFL or another sport. As well as the dynamics, there will also be risk management and quality modelling involved in what is very much the complete betting management service.


If you know anything about American sports, you will be aware of how popular online fantasy versions are. In fact, many people have more of an interest in fantasy sports than they do in the real thing, taking these versions deadly serious. Founded in Kitchener in 2019, OwnersBox is an online fantasy sports platform that has bespoke dashboard offerings for MLB, NBA, NFL and NHL. And, because OwnersBox also have the capabilities of developing mobile apps for both Android and iOS-based devices, it puts the company in a good position, as this is the primary way that players want to enjoy their fantasy sports online these days.

Fandom Sports

If there are several things that are incredibly popular right now, it’s blockchain, the cloud and NFTs. And, believe it or not, Fandom Sports, a company that has been around since 2006, operating out of Vancouver, brings all of these components together to form an esports fantasy platform that is powered by blockchain and is cloud-based. There will also be an NFT-based part of the service in the future that will allow users to log in and predict the results of games, winning prizes if they guess correctly. Fandom Sports are certainly a start-up that are putting all their power and resources into keeping up with the latest trends.

When you’re talking about a country with well over four hundred tech start-ups in the offing, it isn’t easy to select the ones more likely to come good and prosper. Because, in many ways, it is a lottery, and anything could happen.

However, the ones mentioned above all have an excellent chance of success, and here’s why: they all provide a service or product that is on-trend and will be popular with users. So, they have a real chance to succeed, primarily the ones linked to sports and fantasy sports, as they’re loved not just by Canadians and Americans but people worldwide.

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