Thriving Toronto-Based Social Network Startups Revolutionizing Canadian Digital Landscape

January 23, 2024


Now more than ever, people are increasingly turning to social networks as platforms for communication, collaboration, and innovation. The growth of the social network industry has encouraged the inception of numerous startups, particularly in Canada’s vibrant city, Toronto. Founded in 2020 or later, these startups are driving industry evolution across various sectors including e-commerce, esports, recruitment, and more. In this article, we highlight these fledgling companies and the impact they’re making in their industry.

As Toronto cultivates a thriving startup environment, these companies are playing a crucial role in the social networking industry’s expansion. Each of these startups are taking distinct approaches to their respective sectors, demonstrating the depth of Toronto’s social networking scene. Whether they’re encouraging meaningful interactions or transforming online shopping experiences, these companies are integral examples of the creative problem-solving that startups in Toronto are known for.

In the social network universe, the following Toronto-based startups stand out for their innovative thinking, diverse problem-solving approaches, and contributions to the vibrant Toronto startup scene. We believe that these companies, with their fresh perspectives and formidable intent, will continue to shape the landscape of social network industry in the upcoming years.


Founded by Mark Hlady and Yuri Takhteyev in 2020, TriplePlay is a virtual social network where users meet new people through engaging games. This fresh-faced Toronto startup is staking its claim on the online social gaming scene, providing users a whole new level of connection and entertainment.

Rally Video

Rally Video, a social media video network constantly evolving, allows users to switch between communities, tuning into the happenings around them. This dynamic start-up, founded by Ali Jiwani, Anson Kao, and Amy Liu, aims to rejuvenate the way we engage with the world around us.


Ongoing embodiment of a fresh concept in social shopping, Shomigo, established by Alykhan Kara, amalgamates established and rising brands, keeping users in the loop with trending fashion and their friend’s activities.

Stadium Live Studios

Stadium Live Studios, pioneered by Kevin D.H Kim and Paul Xu, formulates a virtual playground where fans may hang out, play games and earn digital collectibles. This unique venture focusses on bringing together the next-gen sports and culture fans.


Revolutionizing the concept of community buying, Naborino led by Dan Flatt, is a group buying e-commerce platform with hyper-local social features aiming to enhance neighbourly connections.


Cast introduced by David Banwat, George Boutsalis, and Richard Liorti, is a social voting app that aims to transform spectators into active participants while democratising opinions.

Inversify Inc.

Pioneered by Brandon Cooper, Inversify Inc. is an upcoming student platform on a mission to help post-secondary students and recent graduates find meaningful opportunities.


Couply, co-founded by Denesh Raymond and Tim Johnson, is the app for couples, designed to strengthen understandings and relationships through personality quizzes, unique date ideas, and gift suggestions.

Open Industry

Open Industry is a unique marketplace that connects industry experts with leading organizations to accelerate thought leadership and innovation, assisting organizations to tap into the vast expertise within their target markets.


Jumbotron, founded by Daryl Hood, provides a unique platform for sports enthusiasts, broadening engagements and blurring the lines between players and spectators.


Last but not least, OnetapHELLO, brought to you by Jayesh Narani, emerges as a digital networking tool aimed at minimizing connections while maximizing outcome in your professional network.

These startups have not only injected a breath of fresh creativity into Toronto’s social networking scene, but have also played significant roles in redefining this industry. As they continue to innovate, we can only anticipate with excitement the new solutions they’ll introduce to their respective sectors.


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