Time2play Launches Its Canadian Branch

September 28, 2022
Photo by Carl Raw on Unsplash

The organisation of seasoned pros dedicated to exposing all things dodgy in the online casino world have now set up shop Canada. time2play is an unbiased online casino comparison site with buckets of integrity and care – they even advise checking out other trustworthy sources of information in addition to theirs! Yes, these guys know you can never be too careful when hunting down that big win and they strike fear into the hearts of crooked online casino hustlers. For new players and veterans alike, time2play is worth having in your info arsenal… and if you don’t have an info arsenal then maybe you should reconsider placing those bets! It is cheesy to say but so, so true: fail to plan, plan to fail. Finding accurate info is essential if you want to play and not be played. Sites like time2play help players get enjoyment out of the industry whilst also coming at it with some tact. Maybe it is the bumpy history between gambling and the law, but the iGaming industry still attracts crime.

In 2020, these industry experts noticed all the sites taking advantage of the new era of online gambling and decided to create the ultimate BS antidote. Their end game is to be the iGaming industry’s ‘go to guy’ for help navigating such a confusing and potentially damaging landscape. It is impressive to consider how young the company is given that they have already made leaps and bounds toward that position as chief sentinel. Indeed, the precursor and parent business of time2play, KaFe Rocks was a finalist in iGamng IDOL’s employer of the year in 2021 having already won best newcomer at the IGB affiliate awards.

So, how does the brainchild of Kafe Rocks judge the great variety of online casino options? Well for starters they do not take money from any of them, like so many of the reviewers out there. It is a sad fact of the game, but auctioning off the top ranks to the highest bidder is real and rife on the internet. Basically, if a site bases its leading comparisons on anything other than data and expert opinion then keep away, even if wielding a ten foot pole.

Interestinglty, even clean reviewers rarely use data because they have not invested in the technologyto do so. And considering how this industry is constantly moving, opinion is only so effective without the numbers and can become stale very quickly. The landscape is always on the move and perhaps a river or ocean would be a better analogy. That migth be why the company wants to be considered the industry’s lighthouse: they have the technology to indifferently observe the changing currents and to stand solid and unswayed.

So how do they make money then? A standard, universal listing fee and affiliate links: this is an independent company seeking to monetise integrity. It is funny to consider honesty as a niche to be filled but it is a shadowy industry and indeed the company has smartly positioned themselves for growth. Aside from being clean, the main reason they function so well as a hub from which to find casinos, is Time2play’s specific set of criteria that they use to scrutanize the online casinos. It has to be said: their site is slick and effective, using it as a hub really makes it feel as though the future has arrived. Good companies should challenge their industries and force improvement, and Time2Play was born for that exact purpose.

That said, they cheifly rate online casinos on bonuses which is a potentially lucrative angle to come from for the user. Their site has found the best already so you have no need to go trawling or be seduced by anything that is too good to be true.

Something that really makes Time2Play stand out though is their valuing of the quantity and variety of games on offer at a rated online casino. It is not simply just about winning money. iGaming is about fun, satisfaction and thrill so it is a little bemusing how overlooked the gameplay factor often is. Of course, as a standard, safety and integrity are also core criteria for ratings, namely to see which online casinos are in the business of theft and crookery. This means being tech savvy and monitoring the software: all the current iGaming software is known to Time2Play’s experts and they are constantly on the lookout for updates. After all, the tech frontier has many fast moving wheels and no brakes!

And there is a secret weapon too: review hoovering bots that compile a list of review scores of any online casino, from across the web and then condense it into one score (the ‘Playscore’). This is extremely useful and time saving because if there is a dodgy online casino faking its reviews then this mght be overlooked when manually researching. There is just nowhere to hide with these bots… nor the user reviews which we can contribute to as well. It should not just be experts weighing on what the Canadian iGaming market has to offer, punters should always get to dish out opinions and fly red flagswhere they see fit.

The timing of their arrival in Canada could not be better given the dawn of modern iGaming, and all its hype has spread here from the US and Europe. There is a regulatory change of hands with the Canadian government’s new legislation regarding which licensing bodies have power to regulate which do not. Perhaps Time2Play will have an easier job here, being as regulatory bodies such as the alcohol and gaming commission of Ontario (AGCO) have shown impressive rigor when it comes to issuing the new licenses. But the perspective of AGCO and the like is not going to be quite the same as Time2Play who hold user experience in high regard rather than simply looking to oust criminals.

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