Top Canadian Commercial Startups: Innovations Transforming the National Industry

January 3, 2024

While Canada’s tech industry has historically been the startup focal point, the commercial sector is not far behind. A plethora of new companies have emerged with innovative offerings, catering to a range of sectors, from real estate investments to customer service, banking to construction, and more. These forward-thinking, visionaries are redefining Canada’s economy and offering fresh solutions to age-old problems. So, let’s journey together to discover more about some of the most promising commercial startups in Canada, all of which were birthed in the year 2020 or later.

The startup ecosystem in Canada is diverse, with companies from different industries leveraging the latest in technology and best practices to deliver value across the board. In this article, we celebrate startups from across the commercial industry map. Notably, several of these companies are tackling the real estate market, offering new ways to navigate and invest in commercial and residential properties. Others are leveraging technology to offer dynamic new software platforms and digital banking solutions.

These enterprises, based in various Canadian cities, showcase the depth of the country’s commercial industry. They have successfully identified gaps in the market and have come up with innovative solutions to fill these gaps. From Vancouver to Toronto, Alberta to Ontario, these startups are making marks in their respective industries and setting a strong startup culture.

JLC Investments

Montreal-based JLC Investments specializes in buying off-market properties at considerable discounts for internal acquisition. Their areas of interest include self-storage, commercial, single-family, and multifamily real estate. You can connect with them on Linkein.

Northview Fund

The Calgary-based company Northview Fund is focused on multi-residential real estate opportunities in secondary markets. Their supporting real estate properties are multi-residential, commercial, and executive suites. Reach out to them via their LinkedIn page.

Review Robin

Review Robin, based in Toronto, creates apps for the commercial industry. Co-founded by Julia McLaughlin, you can check out their website or connect with them on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Launched by Eric Skicki in Mississauga, BrokerPocket is an ingenious real estate platform housing a collection of off-market listings. You can check out their website or follow them on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Seacliff Electric

Calgary-based Seacliff Electric specializes in the commercial maintenance and service of all electrical power distribution systems. Check out their operations on their website, Facebook, or LinkedIn.

Cantiro Group

Cantiro Group based in Edmonton, offers investment opportunities and designs residential rental projects in line with individual lifestyle requirements. You can follow their activities on LinkedIn.


Co-founded by Brenda Saunders in Sault Sainte Marie, trakrSuite focuses on the intersection of commercial activities and technology. You can connect with them on Facebook and LinkedIn.

RAYL Innovations

RAYL Innovations, based in Vancouver, operates at the crossroads of banking, commercial, and customer service. They are reinventing and reinvigorating commercial compromises. Follow them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Located in Toronto, Clear is catering to a broad spectrum of industries, including commercial, public safety, residential, and water purification. Keep up with their operations on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

AIM Insurance

AIM Insurance caters to commercial and life insurance needs from its operation base in Burlington. Follow their activities on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Practice Exchange

Closing our list, Gagan Singh’s Practice Exchange, based in Calgary, is geared towards supporting dental practices. They can be reached on Facebook or get acquainted with them on LinkedIn.

This is just a tip of the iceberg of what the commercial startup ecosystem in Canada has to offer. All these companies are trailblazers in their areas, working tirelessly to make valuable contributions to their industries. Whether by simplifying real estate acquisitions or by advancing electrical distribution systems, these companies are indeed shaping the course of the commercial sector in Canada, one innovation at a time.

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