Top Montreal-Based Software Startups: Innovative Pioneers from Canada

January 17, 2024

Montreal, the largest city in Canada’s Quebec province, is a thriving hotspot for startups, particularly in the software industry. Despite the global pandemic, the year 2020 has seen the inception of numerous innovative startups that are leveraging state-of-the-art technology to revolutionize different industries and processes. Below, we highlight some standout startups based in Montreal that were founded in 2020 or later and are making considerable strides in the software industry.

These companies, though relatively young, are already making a significant impact in their respective industries, thanks to their innovative software solutions covering diverse sectors such as AI, blockchain, e-commerce, IT, and more. They are not just contributing to the growth of the local economy and fostering innovation but are also addressing real-world problems, by providing practical solutions.

Despite the challenging year brought by the pandemic, these Montreal-based startups have challenged the status quo and are on a path to become leaders in their respective fields. Let’s delve in and explore what each of these promising establishments is doing.


Founded by Max Musing, Basedash focuses on providing database and developer tools for businesses. Its powerful software enables companies to transform their database into a robust admin app that supports reading, writing, querying, editing, and deleting data without the need for coding. Follow Basedash on their official Facebook and Linkedin pages for more updates and on Twitter @Basedash.


Co-founded by Eric Lemieux and Martin Leclair, Vezgo is a startup in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry. The company offers a seamless way for people to connect any crypto exchange, wallet, account and protocol to apps, thereby reducing integration times by up to 80%. Get in touch with Vezgo on its official Linkedin page.


Alexandre Bouchard and Eric Tran have made their mark in the IT infrastructure industry with their startup Hookdeck. The company provides an end-to-end webhook infrastructure that ensures the receipt of all webhooks, providing full visibility to empower development teams.
Connect with Hookdeck on LinkedIn.


Founder Rex Hygate’s company DeFiSafety has become a specialist in blockchain technical risk analysis. Utilizing best practices for software processes and transparency, the company offers reliable evaluations for blockchain investment policies. Learn more about DeFiSafety through their official Facebook, LinkedIn pages or on Twitter @DefiSafety.


zenHQ has revolutionized e-commerce with their checkout system offering 0% processing fees, a full logistics engine, and a fully branded customer experience. Find zenHQ on their official Facebook and LinkedIn pages for more updates.


Founded by Alain Pilon, Textodog operates in the IT and marketing industry. Connect with Textodog on their official Facebook and LinkedIn pages.


Established in Montreal, Waverly is a startup focused on Artificial Intelligence and Knowledge Management. You can follow Waverly on their Facebook, LinkedIn pages, or on Twitter @waverly_ai.


Founded by Juliano Julio Costa, TimiWorks is a job-seeking app that simplifies hiring by enabling candidates and companies to Match, Preview, Chat & Connect. Be sure to follow TimiWorks on LinkedIn.


Léo Asselin-Sparks and Max-Antoine Clément founded E-Design, a web agency specialized in professional website creation. Follow E-Design on its official LinkedIn page for more updates.

Hilo Smart Mirror

Hilo Smart Mirror is a startup specializing in customized interactive mirror manufacturing and augmented reality software development. Keep up to date with Hilo Smart Mirror on their official Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

Solid State of Mind

Last but not least, Solid State of Mind is an emerging AI startup developing technology that adapts to real-time changes in the environment. Follow Solid State of Mind on their official LinkedIn page.

To sum it up, these are some of the most promising Montreal-born startups to keep an eye on. Despite their youth, all of these startups show significant potential to reshape their respective industries through innovative thinking and groundbreaking software development.

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