Top Toronto-based Analytics Startups: Revolutionizing Business in Canada

January 29, 2024

Toronto, the largest city in Canada, is a hotbed of innovation and entrepreneurship. The analytics industry in particular has seen rapid growth over the last few years, with startups harnessing the power of data to generate insights, optimize operations, and drive decision-making. In 2020, new entrants into the analytics space in Toronto have continued to push boundaries, leveraging new technologies and methodologies to deliver novel and impactful solutions. This article highlights some of these new movers and shakers in the Toronto analytics startup scene.

The startups featured in this article were all founded in 2020 or later, and have already begun to make their mark in the fields of artificial intelligence, machine learning, big data, digital marketing, edTech, and more. These startups are not only innovating within their respective niches, but also contributing to Canada’s overall growth as a global tech hub. From big data and vertical intelligence solutions to AI-based educational platforms, these startups illustrate the wealth of talent and ambition present in Toronto’s tech industry.

Without further ado, let’s get to know these dynamic startups that are accelerating the analytics revolution from their Toronto headquarters. You can follow each company’s journey online with the included links to their websites and professional networks.

NowVertical Group

Founded by Daren Trousdell, NowVertical Group is a big data, analytics and software company that provides Vertical Intelligence solutions to various industries. These solutions are predictive and drive automation specific to each industry. The company’s services merge and mobilize data for optimized business-related decision-making. Connect with them on LinkedIn and stay updated with their latest news on @NowVerticalNews.

Tech Spark Canada

Tech Spark Canada is shaking up the EdTech industry with its data-driven, culturally responsive multimedia content for middle school students. The startup’s Spark Plug platform uses a proprietary algorithm to identify each student’s learning intelligence. It then curates content to suit each student’s unique learning levels and intelligence type. Explore more about them on their website and @TechSparkCanada Twitter handle.

Lavin Media

Co-founded by Anton Havorka and Sergey Kisyuk, Lavin Media offers a modern solution for sales development. This startup combines analytics with digital marketing and consulting to help businesses reach their goals faster and more effectively. You can connect with them on LinkedIn and catch their updates at @lavinmedia.


Sharechest is a startup in the analytics and financial services industry. The specifics of their operations are not disclosed, but they are part of the new wave of Toronto-based analytics startups emerging in 2020. Follow them on LinkedIn, Facebook, and @sharechest Twitter.


Bitsummit provides technology consulting services. Their scope includes cloud applications, data analytics, migration assessment, and managed SOC among others. You can get in touch with them through their website or connect on LinkedIn.


Founded by Cheryl Brandon, Kamal Toor, and Troy Crema, Greencube Analytics is an A.I-based company that helps clients build rich B2B relationships. They use proprietary machine learning and data science assets to create bespoke audiences. Follow them on @greencubeai and connect on LinkedIn.

Bluekey AI

Founded by Peter Han, Bluekey AI is a smart guidance platform for higher education students. It uses machine learning to provide students a competitive edge by improving their success rate in admissions and education. Connect with them on LinkedIn.


Founded by Evgeny Lazarenko and Lindsey Peng, Miksi operates in the analytics, AI, big data, cloud data service, and developer tools space. No specific description has been given about their field of operation. Their social presence can be tracked on LinkedIn.


WFHomie is an employee engagement and culture-building platform for remote teams. Founded by Pavla Bobosikova and Reza Farahani, the company enhances remote team culture through various services, including virtual icebreaker activities. Follow them on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter at @WFHomieready.

One Stop Digital Inc

Founded by Hridayram Shenoy, One Stop Digital Inc provides an array of digital marketing services. Offering SEM, SMM, copy, design, videos, and analytics, the company promises to meet all your digital marketing needs. Follow them on LinkedIn, Facebook, and @1StopDigitalInc Twitter.


Founded by Ahmed Badruddin and Sunit Mohindroo, Citylitics delivers predictive intelligence on local utility and public infrastructure markets. Their reporting is based on billions of documents from thousands of municipal data sources. Connect with them on LinkedIn, follow them on @citylitics Twitter, or join them on Facebook.

These are some of the promising analytics startups that have made their debut in Toronto recently. As they evolve and mature, their contributions will undoubtedly further energize Toronto’s dynamic tech ecosystem and solidify the city’s reputation as a global leader in data analytics.

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