Toronto-Based SaaS Startups: Pioneers of Canadian Tech Innovations

January 29, 2024

Toronto, Canada is renowned globally for its vibrant startup ecosystem. The city hosts several promising startups, providing unique offerings across diverse industries. One such sector that has seen significant growth over the last year has been Software as a Service (SaaS). Despite 2020 being characterized by economic instability due to the global pandemic, numerous SaaS startups were born during this period in Toronto. These startups are leveraging cutting-edge technologies to redefine traditional sector operations.

This article features some SaaS startups nurtured in Toronto since 2020. These startups are grabbing the attention of investors and customers with their innovative solutions, demonstrating the potential to scale globally. Their solutions span sectors ranging from finance, waste management, and health, to logistics, cloud computing, and automation.

The list of startups is not ranked in any particular order, and the analysis is based on publicly available information. Read on to know about these startups and how they are reimagining their respective sectors using SaaS offerings.


Finneo is a revolutionary platform that automates the commercial real estate (CRE) financing process. The platform leverages advanced data analytics and machine learning to provide workflow efficiencies and cost savings. With founders Amar Nijjar, Hovsep Seraydarian, and Nolan Apers at the helm, the company has become a leader in end-to-end CRE debt placement and management. Connect with Finneo on LinkedIn.


Founded by Alex Tushinski, Basestation provides a cloud-based software solution designed for waste & recycling haulers. The platform streamlines scheduling, routing, asset tracking, dispatching, and invoicing. Find Basestation on LinkedIn.


Dux, co-founded by Arnab Barua and Martin Gagne, is an all-in-one SaaS platform that helps product manufacturers create and share digital instruction manuals. Connect with Dux on LinkedIn, and follow them on Twitter and Facebook.

Dropoff AI

Dropoff AI offers products focused on last-mile delivery, with a particular emphasis on the last 100 feet of the deliverable route. The Co-founded by Syed Qadri, Vaibhav Mehta, Yinan Wang, and Zafer Qureshi, the company has made a significant impact in managing delivery ecosystems. Connect with them on LinkedIn.

80 Galaxy

Based in Toronto, Ontario, 80 Galaxy is a local company specializing in big data processing, cloud computing, and SaaS services. Though little is known about the company’s founders, their online presence can be found on LinkedIn.


WellnessWorld is a B2B SaaS venture creating digital wellness solutions for educational institutions. It focuses on mental health and wellness. Their LinkedIn profile offers more insight into their mission and progress.

PharmAssess Diagnostics

PharmAssess Diagnostics Corp founded by Thomas Bogdanowicz and Wesley Seuthprachack, provides pharmacies with powerful clinical software solutions. Connect with them on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.


Reefreshed, founded by Ricky Gill, is a platform that instantly connects consumers and businesses with the best goods and services around them. Follow them on LinkedIn, and Twitter.


Co-founded by Jag Basrai and Jason Daly, GoAutomate is a process automation company that specializes in using AI and machine learning to enhance overall automation processes. Find them on LinkedIn.


Cloudstudios, founded by the Boyman brothers (Alex, Dan, and Jack), provides service-based professionals with a white-label software platform to operate their entire business on their own. Connect with them on LinkedIn, Facebook.


Founded by Saif Abid, Inkrement helps to cultivate a culture of continuous feedback within teams. Connect with them on LinkedIn, and follow them on Twitter.

It is indeed impressive to observe how these startups are leveraging SaaS models to solve complex industry problems. Despite the current economic uncertainties, their growth indicates that they are on a promising journey towards a bright future. We wish these talented teams all the best on their journey!

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