Toronto Innovations: Spotlight on Canadian Startups in the Robotics Sector

January 29, 2024

Despite the challenges of 2020, the startup community in Toronto, Ontario has remained resilient and innovative, with much of that vibrance being captured in the robotics industry. These startups have not only persevered but thrived, pushing the boundaries of technology and its application. Their innovation is transformative, reshaping industries and redefining the future of robotics. This article will highlight some of the most exciting robotics startups in Toronto that were founded in 2020 or later.

These startups are noteworthy for their technological excellence, innovative spirit, and disruptive potential. They’re leveraging cutting-edge advancements in artificial intelligence, manufacturing, and software design to create truly unique products and services. From industries like aerospace and transport to manufacturing and construction, these burgeoning companies are using robotics to shake up their respective markets.

In this list, we’ll focus on six robotics startups from the Toronto area that are making breakthroughs and pioneering the future of their industries. We hope their stories will inspire and energize you with a glimpse into what the future might hold for the field of robotics.

SBX Robotics

Launched by founders Ian Dewancker and Josh Kuntz, SBX Robotics stands at the forefront of artificial intelligence and robotics. This innovative startup specializes in enhancing computer vision models with synthetic image data, bridging together the best aspects of real and synthetic images. Facebook | @sbxrobotics | LinkedIn


With an innovative approach to transportation and logistics, Ribbit, founded by Carl Pigeon and Jeremy Wang, provides a platform for starting, managing, and operating a pilotless airline. Their commitment to improving access to transportation options embodies their belief in empowering individuals to better their own lives. Facebook | @fly_ribbit | LinkedIn


Under the leadership of founder Andrew Ricchetti, CakeAI offers analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence services. This startup drives insights and innovation by leveraging AI, providing advisory and consulting services to Toronto-based businesses in the field of robotics.

Axis Control Solutions

Axis Control Solutions operates at the intersection of industrial engineering, robotics, and software. Although little information is provided about the founders, the company makes a significant impact in the industrial sector with its unique blend of high-tech integration. LinkedIn

Promise Robotics

Promise Robotics was founded by Ramtin Attar and Reza Nasseri. It aids the construction industry by capitalizing on industrial robotics and AI. This startup offers ready-to-deploy industrial robotics systems, while its SaaS Production Management services facilitate the production of NetZero-ready timber buildings. LinkedIn

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