Toronto Startups Revolutionizing Canadian Security Industry Landscape

January 29, 2024

Startups across the globe are reimagining the world we live in, bringing forth innovations that challenge the norm and drive us forward. A hotbed for such startups, Toronto, Ontario, Canada boasts an impressive roster of companies making waves in the ever-evolving security industry. Founded in 2020 or later, these startups are showing unmatched strength and resilience, demonstrating the importance of this very crucial sector. In this article, we’re highlighting some of Toronto’s most promising security startups and the revolutionary technologies they’re bringing to the table.

These startups are not only shaping the city’s startup scene but also the global industry’s future. They bring contemporary ideas, driven by the desire to strengthen security measures and harness the potential of emerging technologies within the sector. From rethinking how we approach cybersecurity to innovating how AI can enhance our security efforts, these startups are propelling us into a new era of digital safety.

So, let’s take a closer look at these bright stars that are challenging the status quo and fortifying our digital world.

BDATA Solutions Inc

Founded by Adrian Abott, Owen Wang, and Syed Bari, BDATA Solutions Inc is taking a formidable stride in the cybersecurity, information technology, and oil and gas industries. The startup is making a name for itself by confronting and preventing cyber-attacks in critical infrastructures utilizing its portfolio of blockchain-based products. Discover their innovative solutions on their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

NoLeak Defence

Founded by Rafael Libardi, NoLeak Defence offers an AI-based system that identifies suspicious actions and correlates events from multiple cameras. Performing risk assessment in real-time, the system adapts to various markets, addressing issues that traditional video analytics cannot solve. Follow their journey on Linkedin and Twitter.

Hackers for Change

Non-profit organization Hackers for Change is education-oriented and works to empower charities to protect their digital infrastructures. They offer free cybersecurity services and play a key role in training Canada’s next generation of cybersecurity professionals. Check out their activities on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.


Focused on cybersecurity, Shai Bekman founded nummum to strengthen Canada’s digital infrastructure. Learn more about the company via their Linkedin page.

Violet North

Founded by Koray Gocmen, Violet North is revolutionizing web development and security with their unique platform. They offer a range of services, from DDoS protection to free SSL certificates, streamlining the process of securing websites via easily installed plugins. Visit their LinkedIn page to learn more.


Under the leadership of Andrew Hartwig, Peter Barbosa, and Thomas Wilson, Opsware is pioneering privacy infrastructure technology. They develop privacy tech platforms that integrate privacy workflows into every business aspect, simplifying compliance with data privacy laws. Learn more on their Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages.

Führen Holdings Inc.

Founded by Aidan Payne and Tomas Henkenhaf, Führen Holdings Inc. is a technology-focused holdings company that acquires, funds, accelerates, and optimizes a diversified portfolio of comprehensive technology in emerging spaces. Catch their updates on their Linkedin page.

Redfox Security

Redfox Security specializes in strengthening businesses’ security postures and offers top-line cybersecurity consulting services. Their services include web application penetration testing, cloud security reviews, and vulnerability management. Follow their activities on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.


Founded by Alex Paguis and Yegor Sak, ControlD offers a customizable DNS service that can block nuisances and unblock over 200 services without installing any app. Check out this ingenuity on their Twitter and LinkedIn pages.

Wolf iris AI

Wolf iris AI offers top-notch home and business security services using AI-powered live video monitoring technology for proactive security responses. Learn more about their services on their Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages.


Specialized in consulting, information technology, and security, TruPoint is an integral part of Toronto’s thriving startup scene. Narrow down their endeavours on their Linkedin page.

In conclusion, these Toronto-based security startups prove that the city is an innovation hub where bright ideas meet endless possibilities. These companies are making significant strides to secure our increasingly digital age by combining cutting-edge technology with their innovative, forward-thinking outlook.

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