Toronto’s Innovating Startups Revolutionizing Canada’s Supply Chain Management Industry

January 29, 2024

The startup culture in Toronto has been a hotspot for innovation and technological growth. 2020 and beyond has seen a new wave of startups trying to carve their place in the tech world with a keen focus on supply chain management. This article will highlight some of those impressive startups that have made significant strides in improving supply chain processes, logistics, and operational efficiencies.

Despite the global effects of the Covid-19 crisis, these startups have created innovative solutions in various industries like fashion, logistics, delivery services, enterprise software and food and beverage. They are leading a new wave of tech companies challenging conventional supply chains and unlocking new possibilities of growth, scalability, and performance.

These startups have harnessed technology’s disruptive power and have ambitiously ventured into improving the efficacy of supply chains. They have created value not only for their customers but also contributed to economic growth and labor markets.


Calico, operating in the fashion, software, supply chain management, and textiles industries, is a smart production management platform designed to help brands get to market faster and with fewer production errors. Founded by a group of experienced entrepreneurs, Calico combines cutting edge technology and deep industry knowledge to provide an essential solution to a modern challenge. Connect with Calico through their LinkedIn page.


Logistics and software experts Dmitri Amariei and Prateek Gaur founded Cargoflip to tackle the complexities of supply chain management. Although further details about the company are limited, its innovative solutions have caught the industry’s attention. For more information, check out their LinkedIn page.


Under Ehsan Golabgir’s leadership, Flott designs and operates last-mile delivery solutions that deliver products to every household and business across Canada. Utilising AI, Flott’s innovative end-to-end solutions enhance efficiency, visibility, and control in logistics and supply chain management. More information is available on Flott’s LinkedIn page.

Indie Tech

Indie Tech is an innovative startup led by Sophia G. Contreras Stone. The company has developed a unique Enterprise Gateway Marketplace (EGM) that leverages an innovative supplier risk technology, Sw3PiQ, to manage suppliers efficiently and mitigate supplier-related risks. Further information can be found on their LinkedIn page.

Tab Commerce

Co-founded by Sam Unterman and Ty Wilson, Tab Commerce is modernizing how restaurants and their suppliers do business, aiming to automate the restaurant back-office process in the food and beverage and supply chain management industry. For more details, view their LinkedIn page.


Founded by Nick Sheahan, Nicola Craig, and Sam Anderson, CarbonGraph is a platform that allows businesses to measure and share their carbon footprint in a standard format. CarbonGraph, based in Toronto, leverages technology to offer an essential service in the era of environmental consciousness. Connect with CarbonGraph via their LinkedIn page.

These are just a few of the emerging startups in Toronto making noticeable strides in the Supply Chain Management domain. Their innovative approaches, fresh ideas, and commitment to change supply chain management for the better have set them apart, and it will be intriguing to follow their journey in the coming years.

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