Toronto’s Innovative Analytics Startups Redefining the Tech Landscape in Canada

January 3, 2024

Evolution of the tech industry in Canada is remarkable, and the city of Toronto has been a hub to witness this growth first hand. Several startups have emerged and flourished in this city, becoming one of the leading players in the Canadian tech industry. This article will focus on startups operating in the field of Analytics that were founded in 2020 or later, based out of Toronto. These startups have been instrumental in the development and growth of analytics in Canada.

With Analytics playing such a critical role in today’s business world, these startups have stepped up to bring innovative technology and solutions to various sectors such as Automotive, E-Learning, Financial Services, and much more. The following is a look into the startups that have emerged recently and are redefining the analytics industry.

From Big Data to machine learning, these startups are leveraging the latest in technology advancements to provide innovative solutions in analytics. It’s not just the solutions they offer but also the diverse fields that they impact. Now, let’s dive into some of the names that have been making waves in the Toronto startup scene.

NowVertical Group

NowVertical Group, co-founded by Daren Trousdell, is a frontrunner in the big data, analytics, and Vertical Intelligence (VI) software and services sector. The NowVertical Group’s VI solutions are organized by industry vertical, built on a foundational set of data technologies that fuse data securely and mobilize it in a transformative and compliant way. You can follow them via @NowVerticalNews on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Tech Spark Canada

Tech Spark Canada, founded by Tamar Huggins, has revamped the conventional education system through its AI-powered platform Spark Plug. They have created a proprietary algorithm that identifies each student’s learning intelligence and pushes curated content tailored to their understanding. Learn more about them from their @techsparkcanada Twitter handle and LinkedIn page.

Lavin Media

Co-founded by Anton Havorka and Sergey Kisyuk, Lavin Media addresses the modern sales development challenges through their contemporary solution, which integrates various digital marketing efforts with free customizable services built for efficient, accelerated sales. Connect with them on @lavinmedia Twitter and their LinkedIn page.


Sharechest, as the name indicates, brings unique solutions in the analytics, financial services, and software realm. Get to know more about them at their website, or you can find them on Facebook, Twitter with handle @sharechest or LinkedIn.


Bitsummit technology consulting services company provides cutting-edge solutions such as cloud applications, data analytics, migration assessment, managed SOC, data strategy workshops, and many more. Stay connected with them on their LinkedIn page.


With its proprietary machine learning and data science assets, Greencube Analytics Inc, co-founded by Cheryl Brandon, Kamal Toor, and Troy Crema, helps clients with enriching B2B relationships. Follow their latest updates on Twitter at @greencubeai and on their LinkedIn page.

Bluekey AI

Bluekey AI, founded by Peter Han, is a smart guidance platform created for all higher education students. It uses machine learning to provide students a competitive edge, improving their success rate in education & admissions to academic programs. Find out more about them on their LinkedIn page.


Co-founded by Evgeny Lazarenko and Lindsey Peng, Miksi renders a suite of solutions in the realm of Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Cloud Data Services, and Developer Tools. Get more insights on their LinkedIn page.


WFHomie is an employee engagement and culture-building platform for remote teams, Founded by Pavla Bobosikova and Reza Farahani, WFHomie bolsters informal connections between remote employees through a multitude of epic virtual icebreaker activities. Connect with them on Twitter at @WFHomieready, Facebook and LinkedIn.

One Stop Digital Inc

Fulfilling all digital marketing requirements in a single place, One Stop Digital Inc, founded by Hridayram Shenoy, extends a wide range of services from SEM, SMM, Website building, Copywriting, Designing, Video creation, to Analytic services. Stay in touch with them on @1StopDigitalInc, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Citylitics, co-founded by Ahmed Badruddin and Sunit Mohindroo, provides predictive intelligence on local utility and public infrastructure markets, transforming countless documents from numerous cities and utilities into high-value intelligence for targeted business development. Follow them on @citylitics, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

These startups have been surging the bar of their respective sectors and contributing to the transformation of the industries by the implication of analytics. They are not only influencing the Canadian market but have a global impact. They truly represent the vibrant and innovative startup culture brewing in the city of Toronto.

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