Toronto’s Innovative Healthcare Startups: Transforming Canada’s Medical Frontiers

January 17, 2024

Health care in Canada is in a league of its own, with numerous innovative startups headquartered in Toronto, Ontario contributing to advancements in technology and improved patient care. These startups are pushing the boundaries on what’s possible in health care – from implementing machine learning to diagnosing diseases through a simple blood test. Most noteworthy are those nascent ventures launched in 2020 and taking the health care industry by storm. Here, we highlight some of those startups innovating in the sector.

First up is Vetsterm, an innovative platform founded by Mark Bordo and Regan Johnson. The startup connects pet owners to a marketplace of licensed veterinary professionals for video, chat, and voice-enabled appointments. Vetster leverages the potential of digital interactions to ensure that everyone has access to veterinary care, day or night. You can connect with Vetster on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Founders Daniel Carvalho and Scott Bratman lead Adela, a company specialized in the detection of cancer and other high-morbidity, high-mortality conditions through a routine blood test. This Toronto-based startup is revolutionizing health diagnostics and medical screenings.

Awakn Life Sciences

Awakn Life Sciences, led by founders Anthony Tennyson and Jonathan Held, is a biotechnology company developing and delivering psychedelic medicine to better treat addiction. The team of researchers, psychiatrists, and psychologists is developing the next generation of psychedelic drugs, therapies, and technologies. Awakn is committed to providing solutions efficiently. You can follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

MCI OneHealth Technologies

Under the leadership of founders Alexander Dobranowski, George Christodoulou, and Sven Grail, MCI OneHealth Technologies is working on innovative solutions to increase access to health care, improve quality, and reduce costs. The company is developing advanced technologies that empower patients and doctors alike. You can connect with them on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.


Mind-Easy is a startup dedicated to mitigating mental health disparity. The company provides culturally sensitive and clinically validated mental health resources. Check out their work on LinkedIn.


Founded by Adrian Uthay, Douglas Fraser, and Peter George, Neurolytixs is a startup diving deep into the promising field of biotechnology. They are particularly involved in health care research, development, and innovation. Stay updated with their progress on LinkedIn.

Arma Biosciences

Arma Biosciences, founded by Hanie Yousefi, Shana Kelley, and Surath Gomis, has developed a sensor platform that allows personalized health monitoring, detecting various health indications through mediums like saliva, blood, urine, sweat, and tears.

NerveX Neurotechnologies

NerveX Neurotechnologies, founded by Gerard O’Leary and Taufik Valiante, is paving the way in the field of health care, machine learning, medical devices, and neuroscience. They have developed ANIMO, a device facilitating the repair and augmentation of the nervous system. For more information, check their Twitter feed and find them on LinkedIn.

Neural Therapeutics

Through expertise in botany, Neural Therapeutics focuses on psychedelic-based medical therapeutics and dietary supplements. The firm takes an innovative approach to ethnobotanical drug discovery. Check them out on LinkedIn.


Nursesimple, another Toronto-based startup, is making significant strides in the health care space. Follow them on LinkedIn.


Lastly, Acutely, founded by Sunny Shao, is helping to improve everyday hospital flow by providing automated triage and intake services before each appointment. They are reinterpreting how information technology can streamline health care. Connect with Acutely on Twitter and LinkedIn.

In conclusion, the health care innovations that these companies are moving towards not only represent the future of healthcare in Canada but also the world over. They are revolutionising treatment models and processes, positively affecting the lives of patients, and setting high standards in the industry. We will indeed continue to see great things from these influential startups in the health care sector founded in 2020.

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