Toronto’s Innovative Manufacturing Startups: Shaping Canada’s Industrial Landscape

January 17, 2024

Canada’s startup scene is booming with an influx of fresh ideas and vibrant ventures, particularly those developed in 2020 or after. The manufacturing industry is no exception, it has seen an inspiring wave of startups emerging from the relatively young scene. These fearless companies are pushing boundaries, introducing innovative methodologies, and driving the manufacturing industry’s future. Most notably among these are startups based in Toronto, Ontario, a hotspot for eager entrepreneurs.

These startups fit the mold for creative innovation, manifesting sustainable solutions to various issues. They range from technology and product manufacturing for mining to medical device manufacturing and beyond. Each startup uniquely contributes to the broader manufacturing landscape, fostering creativity and resilience in an ever-evolving industry. The following is a curation of impressive startups based in Toronto, Ontario, within the manufacturing industry.

Based on our expertise, we have selected 11 startups that have excelled in terms of driving the rejuvenation of the manufacturing industry. Each demonstrates a devoted commitment to innovation and development, holding potential in rendering significant contributions to the industry’s future. Let’s delve into the unique characteristics that make each startup a notable entity within the manufacturing industry.


Fortai is an advanced technology and product manufacturing company primarily serving the mining industry. They focus on delivering innovative value chain management solutions and substantial savings, ensuring growth and revenue for shareholders and investors. LinkedIn


Creating waves in the Consumer Goods, Manufacturing, Product Design, and Sales industry, Papaya is a promising Toronto-based startup. LinkedIn | Facebook

Model Living

Offering exclusive home renovation services, Model Living is a startup that rentlessly follows a tailored approach for each of its kitchen projects. Their practice of customized designing not only ensures client satisfaction but also opens up room for unique and creative construction ideas. LinkedIn

Tidal Medical

Tidal Medical, based in Toronto, Ontario, operates in the Manufacturing, Medical Device, and Pharmaceutical industry. LinkedIn

Antiseptic Pro

AntisepticPro is a bio-technology manufacturer devoted to fostering good health through their natural nutrition supplements and wellness products. In addition to sanitizers and disinfectants, they supply top-notch air purifiers, catering to client bases ranging from small to large businesses. LinkedIn | Facebook

Cannabis Manufacturer’s Guild

With a focused dedication towards Cannabis, Consulting, and Manufacturing, the Cannabis Manufacturer’s Guild has solidified its presence in Toronto’s manufacturing industry. LinkedIn

CBJ International Trading Corp.

Promising high-quality products for affordable prices with a fair and fast supply chain, CBJ International Trading Corp. has become a notable supplier in the promotional product market. Founded in 2020, this company has made an impressive expansion in a short span of time. LinkedIn


Operating within the realms of Health Care, Manufacturing, Personal Health, and Wellness, Slipp, based in Toronto, Ontario, is playing an important role in the Toronto startup ecosystem. LinkedIn | Facebook

Brand Your Customs

Brand Your Customs is an eCommerce marketplace that encourages sellers’ creativity. With a unique design launcher, it enables individuals to create customized products, taking care of the manufacturing and delivery. LinkedIn | Facebook


AMATEC is a startup aiming to revolutionize the construction industry with its unique high-density gypsum material. This material allows for easy assembly of pre-fabricated housing components, potentially solving global housing market challenges. LinkedIn

Each of these startups is a testimony to the vibrant and dynamic startup community in Toronto. Their innovative approach to manufacturing challenges has led to significant advancements in the industry, pushing the boundaries of what is possible and paving the way for an exciting future.

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