Toronto’s Marketplace Mavericks: The Top 15 Digital Marketplaces Shaping the Future

From health to housing, these Toronto-based startups are revolutionizing the marketplace ecosystem.

1. Rocket Doctor

  • Website
  • Overview: Rocket Doctor transforms the patient experience by creating a telemedicine marketplace that delivers a top-tier medical office experience directly to the comfort of homes.

2. Sloika

  • Website
  • Overview: For photographers wanting greater agency over their art, Sloika offers an NFT marketplace that allows for creative control, from setting limited editions to determining resale royalties.

3. Souqh

  • Website
  • Overview: Embarking on the path to make property dealings smooth, Souqh represents Canada’s fusion of real estate and home services, simplifying every step of the home ownership process.

4. Feedback

  • Website
  • Overview: Integrating dynamic pricing in the Food & Beverage sector, Feedback’s mobile app marketplace offers value to consumers while helping businesses optimize profits.

5. JustGotThat! Inc.

  • Website
  • Overview: Whether it’s a spa day or a repair service you’re after, JustGotThat! seamlessly bridges the gap between demand and supply with its service-focused platform.


  • Website
  • Overview: Whatever specialist you might be seeking – from tutors to therapists – is your online directory, simplifying the search process.

7. Rewardly

  • Website
  • Overview: Merging social media with cashback opportunities, Rewardly incentivizes customers to share and earn rewards, creating a vibrant and engaged community.

8. Grain Discovery

  • Website
  • Overview: Streamlining the agricultural supply chain, Grain Discovery’s platform assists grain buyers and sellers by digitizing formerly manual processes.

9. Biiibo Inc.

  • Website
  • Overview: For the construction sector, Biiibo stands out as a digital marketplace ensuring that construction supplies are just a click away.

10. Worksimply

  • Website
  • Overview: Addressing the evolving workspace needs, Worksimply assists small teams in locating flexible and ready-to-use office spaces.

11. NIKU Farms

  • Website
  • Overview: Linking farmers to consumers, NIKU Farms delivers ethically raised meat products, ensuring transparency and quality in every bite.

12. Roost

  • Website
  • Overview: With a vision to enhance the rental experience, Roost is on a mission to make renting properties easier and more efficient.

13. Cloudamart

  • Website
  • Overview: Cloudamart diversifies the consumer services industry, offering an amalgamation of M-Commerce, Fulfillment, Online Commerce, and more.

14. Hauskey

  • Website
  • Overview: Redefining real estate in the digital age, Hauskey ensures prospective homeowners find the residence of their dreams seamlessly.

15. Fundscraper

  • Website
  • Overview: Offering a platform for real estate investing, Fundscraper simplifies investments in property, allowing users to maximize returns efficiently.

With the growth of digital marketplace platforms, Toronto stands as a beacon of innovation in this space. These 15 companies exemplify the blend of creativity, technological prowess, and business acumen that sets Toronto’s marketplace scene apart.

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