Toronto’s Rising Computer Industry: Spotlight on Canadian Startups

January 4, 2024

Toronto, the heart of Canada’s startup industry, is home to a plethora of new and exciting companies in the tech sector. Startups born in this city since 2020 and onward are pushing the envelope in areas ranging from artificial intelligence to network security and much more. This article highlights several such notable names making waves in the tech industry, all with their roots in Toronto.

The companies featured here all fall under the umbrella of the Computer industry, utilizing cutting-edge technology to solve real-world problems. Whether altering the approach to real estate investment or innovating the way artificial intelligence and machine learning are applied to our daily lives, these startups embody the spirit of innovation.

The city of Toronto offers the ideal breeding ground for such startups, boasting a vibrant ecosystem of incubators, accelerators, and venture capital. With the city’s dedication to technology, support from government, and access to top talent from world-renowned educational institutions, Toronto startups are well-positioned for success.


Launched by co-founders Jon Simpson and Raj Singh, Altrio is a Toronto-based startup that operates in the real estate investment and computer industries. They have developed a pioneering software solution known as Origin, which merges data and insights to streamline the work of real estate deal teams and magnify their investments. By focusing on creating technology that makes the investment process easier and more efficient, Altrio helps investors and managers reach beyond their networks and build better-performing portfolios.(source)

Daily Blends

Daily Blends, founded by Shriya Gupta, is a new retail technology platform. Specializing in software and computer technology, they are part of the wave of startups leveraging technology to revolutionize the retail sector. More on Daily Blends.


Focused on multiple sectors including artificial intelligence, computer vision, and machine learning, HUEX Labs, founded by Anik Seth, Jiping Sun, and Kiran Kadekoppa, is bringing an Automated Intelligent Digital Assistant to life. Named AiDA, this voice-enabled digital assistant is designed to aid businesses in communicating with their customers in live industry situations, accomplishing tasks such as taking orders and answering inquiries. This intelligent solution fostered by HUEX Labs is reshaping customer experiences.(source)

SBX Robotics

At the intersection of artificial intelligence and robotics, SBX Robotics, starting under the leadership of Ian Dewancker and Josh Kuntz, presents an ingenious approach to advanced computer vision models by training them with a combination of real and synthetic image data. Find out more about SBX Robotics.

NoLeak Defence

NoLeak Defence, Rafael Libardi’s cybersecurity startup, has developed an AI-based system that can identify suspicious actions and behaviors from camera feeds, correlating events from multiple cameras in real-time to create a risk score for monitored environments.(source)

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