Toronto’s Rising Information Services Startups Redefining Canada’s Tech Scene

January 29, 2024

Over the past year, a new wave of startups has surged into the Canadian business scene, shaping a future of innovation, technology, and connectivity. Born in or after 2020, these young companies operating in the Information Services sector have shown exceptional potential. With their headquarters based in Toronto, Ontario, they carry the city’s spirit of resilience and resourcefulness into their ventures. Here, we spotlight these noteworthy startups that are setting new standards for the Information Services industry in Canada.

In an environment where information forms the crux of decision-making and problem-solving, these startups have dared to redefine how this information is managed, communicated, and utilized. Having established their bases in Toronto, they are not only contributing to Canada’s digital landscape but also creating new opportunities and avenues for growth for businesses across sectors.

Without further ado, let us introduce you to these impressive ventures, each with its unique value proposition, and innovative business model.


Jetdocs, founded by Alex Kovalev and Andrew Dolinski, sits at the intersection of Information Services, Information Technology, Internet, and Software industries. It brings a novel solution to collaboration ticketing, enhancing efficiency and productivity for businesses. Stay connected with Jetdocs on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Charged Particles

Fuelled by the vigor of founders Ben Lakoff, CFA, and Rob Secord, Charged Particles is a non-fungible token protocol that harmoniously combines art and finance. Reimagining the realms of Blockchain, Consulting, Financial Services, FinTech, Information Services, Information Technology, and Software, it aims to become a core infrastructural technology for non-fungible token platforms. Find more updates on their Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn pages.


laccuna is spearheading tech advancement in the Artificial Intelligence, Information Services, Information Technology, and Machine Learning sectors. Stay informed about its transformative influence in the industry on their LinkedIn page.

First Class Conferencing Facilitation

Establishing its dominance in the Information Services and Information Technology sectors, First Class Conferencing Facilitation is carving its unique mark in the industry. Discover more about their services on Twitter , Facebook and LinkedIn.

B2M Asia

B2M Asia is making waves in Consulting, E-Commerce, Information Services, Information Technology, and Small and Medium Businesses. The company continues to expand its reach and reshape the industry. Connect with them on LinkedIn.

Analytics Lab

Analytics Lab is a rising star in the Information Services industry providing pioneering solutions and services. Catch the latest updates from the company on their Twitter feed and LinkedIn page.

Hippocampus Solutions Inc

Hippocampus Solutions Inc is a leader in Business Information Systems, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Enterprise Software, Information Services, Information Technology, and Software. The company was founded by Praveen Kaarthic Gunaseelan and has proved to be a prime mover in the technology solutions arena. Follow them on LinkedIn.

80 Galaxy

80 Galaxy shines brightly in the disciplines of Big Data, Cloud Computing, Data Center, Information Services, SaaS, and Web Hosting. Connect with 80 Galaxy on their LinkedIn page.


Belong assures a unique and enjoyable user experience for fans as they engage via native iOS and Android apps. Keeping up with the company’s updates is a breeze on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Target Align

Target Align, founded by Guy Cheung and Lawrence Li, has positioned itself in the Consulting, Information Services, Information Technology, Internet, and Software industries. The team is committed to reinventing unity, facilitating organizations to reach aspirational objectives through integrated consulting services. Connect with them on LinkedIn.

Digita11y Accessible Inc.

Digita11y Accessible Inc., led by founders Juan Olarte and Mark B. Jackson, specializes in Accessibility Compliance & Reporting, Accessibility Remediation, and Accessibility Project Management & Administration. You can follow Digita11y Accessible Inc. on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

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