Toronto’s Tastemakers: The 15 Food Delivery Innovators Changing the Way We Dine

October 3, 2023

1. Snappy Innovation

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Description: Pioneering a holistic Restaurant SaaS solution, Snappy Innovation encapsulates delivery, reservations, waitlists, takeout, dine-in, and loyalty programs into one seamless system.

2. CookOut

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Description: CookOut is not just about food delivery; it’s about community. Its platform marries homemade food with social media, allowing creators to showcase and sell their culinary art.

3. Snap Shop

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Description: Redefining convenience, Snap Shop offers the promise of an entire convenience store fitting snugly in your pocket.

4. Revive Superfoods

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Description: Catering to the health-conscious Torontonian, Revive Superfoods delivers frozen, nutrient-packed smoothies, oats, and more right to your doorstep.

5. Pumpkin Kart

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Description: A celebration of diversity, Pumpkin Kart’s mobile app bridges the gap between ethnic food cravings and on-demand delivery.

6. Tre’dish

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Description: With Tre’dish, every meal feels like home. Specializing in delivering home-cooked meals, it’s a nostalgia trip with every bite.

7. ZipLunch

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Description: ZipLunch capitalizes on restaurant downtimes, ensuring every hour is golden for eateries across Toronto.

8. Sony Of Canada

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Description: A surprising entrant in the food delivery scene, Sony of Canada has ventured into the realm of cooking food delivery.

9. Yumba

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Description: Yumba promises gourmet at your doorstep, positioning itself as Toronto’s premier chef-cooked meal membership service.

10. FoodBots

Description: A glimpse into the future of food, FoodBots leverages robotics to grow, package, and deliver food, aiming for daily production of a wide array of food items.

11. Savoz

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Description: Revolutionizing the grocery scene, Savoz offers the allure of wholesale prices on everyday groceries and essentials.

12. Local Driver

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Description: More than just a delivery service, Local Driver is a co-operative platform, driven by and for its community of drivers.

13. Wanda Technologies

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Description: Changing the grocery delivery game, Wanda Technologies doesn’t just deliver to your door but directly to your fridge.

14. Famate Inc.

Description: Bringing the market closer to home, Famate’s virtual platform connects users to local stores, offering fresh groceries and dairy delights.

15. Just Booked

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Description: Simplifying corporate catering, Just Booked automates food ordering to offices, making everyday lunches something to look forward to.

Toronto’s food delivery landscape is in constant evolution, and these companies are at the forefront of the revolution. With innovative solutions and offerings, they cater to diverse tastes and preferences, promising a delicious future for all food enthusiasts in the city.

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