Toronto’s Tech Titans: Unveiling the Top 15 Information Services Startups

November 29, 2023


Toronto, a bustling hub of innovation and technology, is home to a myriad of startups making significant strides in the information services industry. This article highlights 15 such companies that are not only thriving locally but are also setting trends on a global scale. Each of these startups brings unique offerings to the table, from AI-driven legal solutions to advanced drone logistics, showcasing the diversity and dynamism of Toronto’s tech scene.

1. Alexsei

Website: Alexsei

Description: Revolutionizing the legal field, Alexsei leverages advanced AI to provide high-quality, memo-format answers to complex legal questions, offering affordable and efficient legal solutions.

2. AirMatrix

Website: AirMatrix

Description: Pioneering in drone logistics, AirMatrix is at the forefront of developing software for the autonomous operation of commercial drones, navigating the future of delivery and logistics.

3. Prodigy Ventures Inc.

Website: Prodigy Ventures

Description: A beacon of innovation, Prodigy Ventures™ stands out as an early-stage investor in emerging technologies, fueling the growth of groundbreaking tech solutions.

4. Clew

Website: Clew

Description: Clew is redefining workspace efficiency by providing a unified file system for all work applications, streamlining file management across platforms.

5. MoviWear

Website: MoviWear

Description: Specializing in remote health monitoring, MoviWear offers 24/7 solutions, enhancing healthcare accessibility and patient monitoring through technology.

6. Canada Online

Website: Canada Online

Description: Canada Online serves as a comprehensive Canadian Business Directory, connecting businesses and consumers across the nation.

7. Layer 6 AI

Website: Layer 6 AI

Description: Layer 6 AI empowers enterprises with advanced Deep Learning solutions, enhancing their business capabilities through data optimization.

8. Wingmate

Website: Wingmate

Description: Wingmate provides innovative sales and service solutions for businesses, enhancing field team performance with their unique software.

9. Jetdocs

Website: Jetdocs

Description: Jetdocs specializes in collaborative ticketing workflows, streamlining internal team communication and task management.

10. Super

Website: Super

Description: Super is reimagining cannabis accessibility in Canada, focusing on innovation, choice, and accountability in the cannabis market.

11. Wowa

Website: Wowa

Description: Wowa is revolutionizing the real estate market by helping Canadians find the perfect real estate agent, tailored to their specific needs.

12. Stackpros

Website: Stackpros

Description: Located in Toronto, Stackpros is a leading information technology company, providing cutting-edge services in the field of information services.


Website: Legalboards

Description: introduces an agile workflow management system specifically designed for legal practice, enhancing productivity and case management.

14. Healthtech Consultants

Website: Healthtech Consultants

Description: As Canada’s leading provider of information management services, Healthtech Consultants is transforming healthcare through innovative technology solutions.


Website: ContentLab

Description: stands out as a specialized content marketing agency, delivering high-quality technical content for the tech industry.


These 15 Toronto-based startups are exemplars of innovation and growth in the information services industry. Each company, with its unique approach and specialized services, contributes to the ever-evolving landscape of technology and information services, not just in Toronto but globally. They serve as a testament to the vibrant and diverse tech ecosystem thriving in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

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