Toronto’s Top 15 Beauty Innovators: Revolutionizing the Industry

Discover the Cutting-Edge Beauty Companies Shaping Toronto’s Vibrant Beauty Scene

1. Three Ships

  • Website: Three Ships
  • Description: Pioneering skincare solutions, Three Ships is at the forefront of providing exceptional skincare products and services.
  • Industry: Beauty

2. Fyyne

  • Website: Fyyne
  • Description: Fyyne revolutionizes beauty services with its social marketplace, connecting clients and beauty professionals seamlessly.
  • Industry: Beauty

3. Zerv

  • Website: Zerv
  • Description: ZERV is redefining wellness with its digital marketplace for health and beauty services, offering a one-stop solution.
  • Industry: Beauty

4. Klippers

  • Website: Klippers
  • Description: Klippers brings the convenience of on-demand haircuts, transforming the way haircare is accessed.
  • Industry: Beauty

5. Everist

  • Website: Everist
  • Description: Everist introduces eco-friendly, waterless concentrate pastes for hair and body, championing sustainable beauty.
  • Industry: Beauty

6. Yellow Beauty

  • Website: Yellow Beauty
  • Description: Specializing in skincare products, Yellow Beauty offers an array of online options for skin nourishment.
  • Industry: Beauty

7. Voir Haircare

  • Website: Voir Haircare
  • Description: Voir Haircare focuses on inspiring women globally with its specially designed hair care range.
  • Industry: Beauty

8. Tribe Beauty Box

  • Website: Tribe Beauty Box
  • Description: Offering customizable subscription beauty boxes, Tribe Beauty Box caters to diverse beauty needs.
  • Industry: Beauty

9. Be Sprucy Inc.

  • Website: Be Sprucy
  • Description: Be Sprucy redefines personal hygiene with trendy, innovative products.
  • Industry: Beauty

10. Primped

  • Website: Primped
  • Description: Primped’s online booking application makes self-care easily accessible.
  • Industry: Beauty

11. Frutose Cosmetics

  • Website: Frutose Cosmetics
  • Description: Offering fruit-derived cosmetics, Frutose brings natural beauty solutions.
  • Industry: Beauty

12. Munday Body Care

  • Website: Munday Body Care
  • Description: Crafting body and skincare products, Munday Body Care focuses on traditional wellness.
  • Industry: Beauty

13. Try Jupiter

  • Website: Try Jupiter
  • Description: Streamlining beauty professionals’ workflow with its CRM and scheduling software.
  • Industry: Beauty

14. Buywell

  • Website: Buywell
  • Description: Buywell offers a range of non-toxic beauty and personal care products, ensuring affordability and safety.
  • Industry: Beauty

15. Peau

  • Website: Peau
  • Description: Peau fosters a beauty community, connecting real beauty enthusiasts.
  • Industry: Beauty

In this article, we explored the vibrant and innovative beauty scene of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. These 15 companies are not just businesses; they are trendsetters and pioneers in their field, each contributing uniquely to the beauty industry. From sustainable practices to digital transformations, they are shaping the future of beauty in Toronto and beyond.

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