Toronto’s Top Internet Startups: Innovating Canada’s Digital Landscape

January 17, 2024

In this era of rapid technological advancement, the Toronto startup scene is buzzing with an array of innovative tech companies. Now, more than ever, we are witnessing a new league of startups alter the landscape of the internet industry. Founded in 2020 or later, these startups have harnessed the power of technology to address a variety of challenges and redefine the way businesses operate. Let’s take a closer look at the game-changers, their missions, and their contributions to the world of technology.

Each of the startups featured here has demonstrated robust growth and promising potential. Armed with groundbreaking ideas, these startups utilize technology to deliver unique experiences, enhance functionality, and offer unprecedented convenience. While the global pandemic has undeniably posed challenges, these startups have stood strong, manifesting resilience and innovativeness. Toronto has undoubtedly emerged as a thriving ecosystem for these startups, driving innovation and entrepreneurial spirit in the heart of Canada.

In this feature, we delve into these stand-out startups, offering a glimpse into their journey and aspirations. These companies, despite their diverse offerings, share a common thread – a testament to Toronto’s flourishing entrepreneurial spirit, its tech-savvy millennials, and an environment conducive to the growth of startups.


Founded by Mark Hlady and Yuri Takhteyev, TriplePlay is a virtual social network where users can meet new people by engaging in games. Emerging in the space of internet and social networking, TriplePlay is committed to fostering connections and community. More information about TriplePlay can be found on their Linkedin profile.


ReturnBear simplifies the process of online returns, bridging the gap between e-commerce, logistics, and the internet industry. Although the founders remain a mystery, the company has made its mark in the ecommerce logistics space with its ease and efficiency. Take a look at their Facebook and Linkedin to learn more.


Jetdocs, an innovation from founding duo Alex Kovalev and Andrew Dolinski, is a collaboration ticketing platform that blends information services, internet, and software. Follow them on Twitter and Linkedin for updates.


ChatKitty, brought to life by Aaron Nwabuoku and Raymond Chen, ensures companies have access to quality, affordable in-app chat facilities. Their platform removes the complexity of building a chat back-end, offering a simple solution for developers. Find out more via their Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin profiles.


The brainchild of Nick Rico, Kaosity leverages technology in the fields of apps, internet, mobile and software, to develop innovative mobile applications. To learn more about Kaosity’s exciting projects, check their Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin.


egeez, a prominent player in the apps, internet, and software industry. For a glance at their exciting projects, visit their Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin.


Surfable, a startup that elevates online presences with lightning-fast websites. They strive to boost SEO and increase visitor engagement. Discover more about this tech-forward company on their Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin pages.


Attrava, an intriguing startup specializing in apps, artificial intelligence, information technology, and internet of things. Discover more about them through their Twitter feed and Linkedin.


Fulfilling the vision of Harshil Jasra, THREADLUX is a subscription-based private rental service for shared access to luxury menswear & streetwear. Visit their Facebook and Linkedin to know more about their sustainability mission in the fashion industry.


Datanaya, a cloud computing, IT, internet, and software startup based in Toronto. Discover more about them on their Facebook and Linkedin.


Under the leadership of Ashok Bhatt, freshwaters is a consulting firm offering a variety of services from strategy and transformation, to technology and finance. For more information, visit their Twitter and Linkedin profiles.

In conclusion, the future of technology looks bright as these startups continue to innovate and break new ground. Join them in their journey, as they etch a new chapter in Toronto’s vibrant startup ecosystem.

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