Toronto’s Top Trendsetters: 15 Fashion Startups Redefining Style

October 11, 2023

1. loopt: Powering the Circular Economy in Retail
Loopt offers a seamless integration into the world of fashion by enabling the circular economy across retail verticals. This innovative approach ensures sustainability meets style.
Learn more about loopt

2. CUCU Covers: Where Personalization Meets Practicality
Gone are the days of generic bank cards! With CUCU Covers, individuals can express themselves by personalizing their bank cards and transit passes, merging fashion with functionality.
Discover CUCU Covers

3. Ribitt: Rewarding Local Fashion Discovery
Ribitt serves as a bridge connecting fashion enthusiasts to local shops in various neighborhoods. With their mobile rewards application, shopping locally has never been more rewarding.
Explore Ribitt today

4. NAIJ Hair: Empowering Black Womxn
NAIJ Hair stands as a beacon of empowerment for Black womxn, providing ethically sourced, top-quality hair extensions, coupled with access to stylist recommendations.
Dive into NAIJ Hair

5. Calico: Revolutionizing Fashion Production
Calico’s smart production management platform aids brands in speeding up market entry while minimizing production glitches, ensuring that fashion meets forward-thinking technology.
Check out Calico

6. Parachute Coffee: Brewing a Fashionable Experience
Though primarily a coffee subscription service, Parachute Coffee encapsulates a fashionable lifestyle, sending freshly brewed experiences straight to doorsteps.
Visit Parachute Coffee

7. Nudnik: Sustainable Apparel for the Future
With a vision rooted in sustainability, Nudnik metamorphoses textile waste into chic unisex apparel for both kids and adults, paving the way for eco-conscious fashion.
Discover Nudnik

8. ICEBAE: Elegance in Every Accessory
ICEBAE stands out as a jewelry brand that crafts exceptional accessories, adding a touch of elegance and charm to everyday outfits.
Admire ICEBAE’s Collection

9. Koy Gear: Innovative Threads for Men
Koy Gear breaks the mold with its technical apparel, merging affordability with groundbreaking material innovations to dress the modern man.
Shop at Koy Gear

10. Hairstrong: Revolutionizing Hair Management
Hairstrong introduces an adjustable scrunchie, allowing women to remain focused on their goals without hair distractions. It’s not just a scrunchie, it’s a game-changer.
Experience Hairstrong

11. Benchwork: Clicks Over Months
Benchwork revolutionizes the fashion industry by providing on-demand production services, drastically reducing the time from design to display.
Explore Benchwork

12. House of Anesi: Lingerie Reimagined
House of Anesi fuses cutting-edge technology with luxurious designs, redefining the lingerie experience for women everywhere.
Discover House of Anesi

13. Kotn: Elevating Everyday Essentials
Kotn’s mission is to enhance ordinary moments with its range of elevated essentials, combining simplicity with sophistication.
Browse Kotn’s Collection

14. Legends RIP: Tribute Through Threads
Legends RIP offers a unique fashion experience, paying homage to legendary figures who left indelible marks on the world.
Shop the Legends RIP Collection

15. Shomigo: The Social E-commerce Bridge
Shomigo brilliantly merges social media and e-commerce, consolidating the market while promoting social interactions, making shopping a shared experience.
Join the Shomigo Community

Toronto’s fashion scene is as diverse as its vibrant community. These startups are not only pushing the boundaries of style and innovation but are also paving the way for a more inclusive and sustainable future in fashion.

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