Unraveling Montréal’s Trailblazing Machine Learning Startups in Canada

January 23, 2024

Montréal, a city renowned for its gifted tech minds, its lively start-up scene, and its ethos of innovation, is propelling itself to the forefront of the machine learning industry. A bevy of startups, specifically those that originated in 2020 and onwards, are harnessing the power of machine learning to disrupt various sectors, and all of them are based in this bustling Canadian city. These startups are living proof that Montréal is a fertile ground for technological advancement and entrepreneurial spirit.

Montréal startups are leveraging machine learning to develop ground-breaking solutions in numerous fields ranging from artificial intelligence, real estate, digital entertainment to healthcare, financial services, and cybersecurity. A rule of thumb for these startups is their commitment to staying agile, pivoting when necessary, and continuously iterating their products/services based on consumer feedback and market trends.

In this piece, we explore the stories behind several of these companies: Solid State of Mind, 7Square, SquareFeet.ai, Lia 27, V3 Stent Group, FinCrimeTech AI, and SEKOR AI. These firms, all intricately involved with machine learning, share a common thread – they are driving growth, innovation and the future of their respective industries right from the heart of Montréal.

Solid State of Mind

Aiming to revolutionize how we approach artificial intelligence, Solid State of Mind is creating an artificial intelligence platform resilient to real-time environmental changes. Their steadfast approach to development assures their platform’s adaptability and reliability, shaping the future of AI and machine learning. Find more details on LinkedIn.


With a goal of enhancing decision-making within the real estate sector, 7Square offers the most precise real estate analytics. Their advanced machine learning models analyze an extensive range of data types, thereby enabling clients to optimize their real estate assets strategically. Keep track of their developments on LinkedIn and follow them on Twitter.


Transforming how real estate developers and brokers work on new projects, SquareFeet.ai ensures maximum revenue generation apt to the current market demand. With its machine learning models, it provides real-time market analysis, innovative pricing solutions, and enhances sales velocity optimization. Learn more about their services on LinkedIn.

Lia 27

Specializing in creating virtual personas using artificial intelligence, Lia 27 has developed Lia, a virtual person who engages emotionally with her extensive social media community. They are enhancing the digital entertainment sector, leveraging artificial intelligence, for a more immersive reality. Connect with Lia on Facebook and follow their developments on Twitter.

V3 Stent Group

V3 Stent Group aims to modernize marketing, sales, and human resources sectors with its blend of artificial and human intelligence. They leverage advanced technology to amplify companies’ growth and align their internal corporate culture. Stay updated with their work on LinkedIn and Facebook.

FinCrimeTech AI

Addressing financial crime risk, FinCrimeTech AI has developed a teachable AI engine to help financial institutions operate more safely and efficiently. Their platform understands and tackles the complexities of financial crime such as fraud, AML/TF, PEPs among others. Follow them on LinkedIn and Twitter.


SEKOR AI, a cybersecurity-oriented startup, provides real-time tracking and audits of personal data use in business applications and processes. Their pay-as-you-go solution uses key ethical indicators, helping businesses to preempt potential ethical issues and enjoy cost savings. Stay updated with their innovative solutions on LinkedIn.

In conclusion, these startups embody the spirit of innovation, leveraging cutting-edge technology to change various sectors. Their collective stories serve as a testament to the dynamism and potential that Montréal’s machine learning industry holds in the present and the future.

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