Unveiling Innovative Canadian Advice Startups: Pioneers of Contemporary Solutions

January 5, 2024

From the bustling tech scene of Toronto to the financial powerhouses of Vancouver, Canadian startups founded in 2020 or later are making waves in the Advice Industry. These young companies are harnessing technology, innovation, and deep industry expertise to offer advice and solutions in diverse fields. Whether it’s financial services, professional development, interpersonal wellness, or even market strategies in nascent industries such as cannabis, these companies are reshaping how advice is given and received across Canada.

Such growth is particularly evident in the burgeoning startup scene within Canada’s biggest cities, with Toronto and Vancouver leading the way. However, the growth isn’t confined to these metropolises – it’s also thriving in smaller cities and towns. Here, we highlight several startups that have made a significant impact in their respective industries in a short span of time.

Please note that the links to social media accounts for each company are provided where available.


Based in Toronto, Ontario, Bloom specializes in life plans through its coaching program for adults. It was founded in 2020 and has quickly grown within the industry of Advice, Communities, and Consulting. Follow Bloom on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn for updates on their progress.


Located in Toronto, Teamland provides services in the Advice and Professional Services sectors. Details are sparse at this point, but the company is generating a considerable amount of buzz. Follow Teamland on Twitter and LinkedIn to stay updated on their journey.

New Outlook Wealth

Based in Oak Lake, Manitoba, New Outlook Wealth offers valuable advice within the Asset Management, Financial Services, and Wealth Management industries. You can follow them on Facebook and LinkedIn to stay updated on their progress.

Watermark Stone Wealth

Watermark Stone Wealth, located in Oakville, Ontario, operates within the Finance, Financial Services, and Wealth Management industries. You can keep up with their latest development by following them on Twitter.

Root & Branch Workplace Conflict Resolutions

Based in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Root & Branch Workplace Conflict Resolutions offers advice in Public Safety and Training. Continue to follow their journey to see how their contributions help shape their industry.

Known Group

The Known Group, based in Toronto, is a consulting firm offering advice within the Cannabis industry. They support businesses by developing and executing impactful marketing and brand strategies fueled by industry knowledge and creativity. For more updates on their projects, you can follow them on Twitter.

Relay Transition Partners

Based in Vancouver, Relay Transition Partners offer advice within the Financial Services sector, particularly for Small and Medium Businesses. Watch their progress and learn about their innovative solutions by following them on LinkedIn.

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