Unveiling Toronto’s Freshest Music Startups: Canadian Innovations Reshaping The Industry

January 23, 2024

As a key player in the global music industry, Canada has seen an increasing number of new music startups calling it home. With the rise in digitalization, music companies have been spurred to adopt cutting-edge technologies and break away from traditional paradigms. This revolution has been particularly remarkable in Toronto, Ontario, the heart of Canada’s music scene. With a diverse ecosystem of startups, Toronto has been forging a path in areas such as AI, digital entertainment, film production, and brand marketing in the music industry. This article explores the impressive entities that have been driving this growth, all of which were founded in 2020 or later.

These emerging companies are not only adding to the vibrant music culture in Canada but also setting the pace for the future of the global industry. Borne from a creative spirit combined with the opportunities of digital technology, these startups put an innovative twist on the music experience. From AI-powered music apps to unique brand marketing, they are re-defining how music is created, marketed, and consumed. More importantly, they represent the progressive and resourceful nature of Canadian entrepreneurship, solidifying Canada’s place as an innovator in the global music industry.

Situated in an environment conducive to growth and innovation, Toronto-based music startups have the innate power to revolutionize the music space. Let’s dive deeper into some of these rising stars, exploring their aims, offerings, and the great minds behind them.

Ensiha Digital

Ensiha Digital’s work encompasses various aspects of the music industry, offering services in brand marketing, digital marketing, content management, and social media advertising. Their professional photography services also make them an ideal partner for music artists and record labels looking to elevate their visual image. Guided by a team of passionate founders, they aim to support artists in navigating the digital landscape and in turn, revolutionize the Canadian music industry.
Follow them on LinkedIn and Twitter.


Pioneered by Paris Roger, Afraflix serves as a global platform dedicated to the streaming of African content. With the most-watched films worldwide being African films, Afraflix positions itself in a unique market, offering exclusive access to a plethora of content from African nations.
Follow Afraflix on LinkedIn, Facebook and their website.


Founded by Akshat Jagga, Angad Arneja, Ben Zion Benkhin, and Parshant Loungani, WOMBO stands out in the space of AI and digital entertainment. Their app creates deepfake copies of images lip-syncing to selected songs, thus providing an entertaining and engaging music experience.
Find more information about WOMBO on their LinkedIn, Facebook , Twitter and website.


Hatch.Art embodies the true spirit of a music startup, offering Canadian artists a platform to create and share their works. Although details are sparse, their greatest feats are yet to be unveiled.
Stay informed about their activities through their website.


In the world of music and software, Split is an exciting newbie. Information about their founders and their specific mission remains elusive for now, but no doubt they have a promising future in the industry.
For further news about Split, keep an eye on their LinkedIn, Facebook , Twitter and website.


SongsLike prides itself as a social music experience where users can discover music through social means. Offering features such as social playlists and YouTube Comment searching, it endeavors to redefine music discovery.
Learn more about SongsLike on their website.

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