Vancouver-Based Canadian Startups Revolutionizing the Advertising Industry

January 4, 2024

As Canada continues to establish itself as a hotbed for innovation and entrepreneurship, we are witnessing a surge in the establishment of unique, Vancouver-based startups that are pushing the boundaries of creativity and technology. These startups, established in 2020 and beyond, are displaying a fresh and inventive outlook on advertising, providing innovative solutions for businesses looking to optimize their online marketing strategies. This article aims to spotlight some of these promising early-stage companies that promise to revolutionize the advertising landscape.

Vancouver has always been recognized for its creative industry, from film production to digital arts. Now, with an ever-growing tech industry, the city is quickly gaining a reputation as a great incubator for advertising startups. Whether these businesses are harnessing the power of audio and video content, leveraging influencer marketing, or using cutting-edge technology to maximize ad effectiveness, they are setting new standards in the advertising industry.

Through this article, we wish to introduce you to these cutting-edge startups, drawing attention to their founders, their unique selling point and their innovative ideas. The goal is to provide a comprehensive sight of the rising stars in the Vancouver startup scene that are poised to make a significant difference in the Canadian advertising industry.

Ad Auris

Ad Auris is a unique narration tool designed for independent publishers, transforming written work into a enhanced audio experience. It was founded by Logan Underwood, Tina Haertel and Varun D. Sharma, offering an innovative approach to maximize reader engagement through scalable narration. Ad Auris is maximizing readers’ engagement by transforming words into a rich audio journey. Connect with them on Linkedin.


Created by Clayton Rannard and Kyle Dulay, Collabstr is a marketplace for business to discover and hire influencers. The platform allows influencers to create a custom page to list and sell their services, thereby simplifying the process of content creation and promotion for businesses. Collabstr is revolutionizing how brands connect with influencers. Visit their Linkedin page for more info.


Founded by Tim Jack, Rise is a Vancouver-based advertising startup that lies at the intersection of advertising, digital marketing, and music. They are leveraging the power of music and digital experiences to create impactful ad campaigns. Get in touch with them through their Linkedin page.


Incepted by Shrey Gupta, Prommoto empowers brands and individuals through technology-driven OOH advertising, providing exposure in new and exciting places. Find out more on Linkedin.


A startup excelling in advertising, brand marketing, business development, and management consulting, Hyperminds is another notable name in the Vancouver startup scene. Get to know more about them on their Linkedin page.

Trending Equities

Founded by Jared Mitchell, Trending Equities is an advertising startup that offers a range of services including asset management and digital marketing. They’re yet another standout in the budding Vancouver startup ecosystem. Check out their Linkedin page for updates.

Off Osborn

Off Osborn is a US-based firm providing online ad services including website roadmaps, google ads, social media ads, content management, and website leasing. They’re innovating in the online ad space and can be found on Linkedin.


Wattle operates in the advertising and information technology sectors, pushing the boundaries of technology to enhance marketing strategies. Get in touch with them on their Linkedin page.

Norm Thomas Marketing

Norm Thomas Marketing are specialists in SEO strategy, website development, content marketing, and brand strategy, among a plethora of other digital marketing and advertising services. Norm Thomas can be found on Linkedin.


Founded by Justin Jin, 50mMidas is a digital media company delivering content via multiple social platforms. The company is making waves by using a mix of podcasts, video, and written content. Connect with them on Linkedin.


Visifii, founded by Josh Seifarth, provides data insights that empower dealerships to understand the effectiveness of their digital marketing budget. They offer Beacon, an insights platform that combines sales and marketing data. Find more on their Linkedin page.

If you’re looking for cutting-edge solutions to your advertising needs, these Vancouver-based startups offer fresh and innovative approaches. They are redefining the standards of the advertising industry, showcasing the creativity, talent, and technological aptitude that Vancouver has to offer.

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