Vancouver-Based Startups Revolutionizing Canada’s Software Industry Landscape

January 17, 2024

With Vancouver, British Columbia becoming a hub for innovative technology and entrepreneurship, a wave of startups has leveraged the city’s vibrant ecosystem to fuel their growth. Many of these companies, the majority forming in the wake of 2020, are turning heads in the software industry, offering breakthrough solutions across various sectors from human resources to artificial intelligence. Fueled by a shared mission to invigorate the tech landscape, these startups are showcasing Vancouver’s aptitude for software excellence.

These startups are demonstrating a mastery of the software industry, leveraging cutting-edge technology to revolutionize both their respective sectors and the Vancouver tech scene as a whole. Throughout their journey, they have exhibited an unmatched capacity for innovation and a relentless determination to redefine the boundaries of possibility. Inspired by their commitment and cognizant of their potential, we have rounded up some of the most notable software startups that Vancouver has to offer.

Through hard work, resilience, and ambition, these startups have thrived despite the challenges of the past year. Each tells a distinct story of innovation, underscoring Vancouver’s ever-growing contribution to the global software industry. Let’s dive into their narratives and discover what sets them apart.


Ariglad is a HR software company that focuses on providing savvy solutions for the modern workplace. Carved by founders Ali Avci and Sophie Wyne, Ariglad leverages its expertise in human resources and computing to revolutionize the way organizations manage their human capital.



At the nexus of artificial intelligence and machine learning, SceneBox is profoundly globalizing how perception data is handled. This company, founded by Yaser Khalighi, equips machine learning engineers with a platform to efficiently manage data, thus improving model development.



Propulux is a first-of-its-kind real estate transaction platform. Propulux aims to bridge landlords, agents, and tenants by providing an efficient and fully digitized solution to streamline transactions and property management in the real estate field.



Clirio offers a state-of-the-art visualization platform used by companies and governments in the civil construction and infrastructure spaces. This startup, founded by Ron Klopfer, creates 3D holographic mixed-reality visualizations from geo-spatial project data, facilitating effective project communication and decision making.



BuildMapper is an application designed specifically for the construction industry to aid lead generation and relationship building. It provides a hub for subcontractors, suppliers, builders, and homeowners to find each other and connect on construction projects.



Founded by Danny Lum, KayaPush specializes in workforce management solutions for cannabis retail stores. The software offers a real-time overview of the entire enterprise with detailed data analytics.


Quiz Me Ai

Quiz Me Ai is a startup in the e-learning sector aiming to change the way people study and learn. They combine cutting-edge AI technology with instruction to deliver personalized learning experiences.



Pioneering the realm of internet security, Polycred provides an application that aims to create safer internet experiences through email encryption and database security fields.



MiTravel, co-founded by Anne Van Nga Duong and Annie Lo, is a travel company providing a unique platform that simplifies travel planning and enhances the overall travel experience for users.



RiskMetrics offers a digital risk tolerance toolkit to help Financial Advisors understand their clients’ risk profile better. The platform quantifies risk tolerance through market simulations and behavioral analysis.



CourierX, founded by Sam Abdul, is transforming the landscape of the courier services market with its innovative software solution. Their platform aims to provide a more efficient, reliable, and cost-effective service for both businesses and consumers alike.


In summary, Vancouver’s booming software industry is teeming with promising startups, each offering unique solutions and breaking new ground. Though they span a variety of sectors and niches, these companies are unified by a shared mission to leverage software for positive change, highlighting Vancouver’s significance as a global tech hub.

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