Vancouver, Canada’s Medical Startups Revolutionizing the Healthcare Industry

January 23, 2024

Despite the pressures faced during 2020, a number of resilient startups operating in the medical industry have sprung to life in Vancouver, British Columbia. These startups are not only taking strides in innovation, but are also creating solutions to address the unprecedented challenges posed by the pandemic. This article highlights a selection of Vancouver’s newest bio-tech, healthcare, and wellness startups that have the potential to revolutionize the industry.

The Canadian healthcare industry remains a fertile ground for startups to use innovation to redefine how care is delivered and received, from biotechnology and pharmaceuticals, to artificial intelligence and remote healthcare. Despite the various challenges faced by all startups, the ones featured in this list have shown their adaptability by developing pioneering solutions in direct relation to the health crises such as COVID-19.

On this note, let’s delve into the roster of Vancouver’s latest medical startups with an inception date of 2020 or later, making significant strides in reshaping the medical and healthcare landscape, and who have a clear vision of the future of health, wellness, and medicine. Each has carved out a niche based on their experts and their innovative approach.

Avivo Biomedical

Operating as a preclinical-stage company, Avivo Biomedical was founded by Peter Rahfeld and colleagues at the University of British Columbia and has assembled an experienced leadership team. The startup is developing enzymes that convert the cell surface antigens that determine a person’s blood group to group O, effectively creating a universal donor type. You can connect with them on their Linkedin page.

Levitee Labs

Levitee Labs, led by founder Kelly Abbott, aims to transform mental health and addiction treatments through the integration of psychedelic medicines and therapies. They are working hard to centralize and integrate complementary wellness assets. Follow them on Twitter @leviteelabs and LinkedIn.

Maitri Health Technologies

Maitri Health Technologies enhances safety and quality of life by providing a reliable source of innovative personal protective equipment and testing solutions. Their mission is keeping organizations and economies running. You can follow their endeavors on Twitter @maitri_health and on LinkedIn.

ScreenPro Security

As a healthcare technology services company, ScreenPro Security offers COVID-19 testing solutions to governments and corporations. They serve as a full-service nationwide testing solution provider across Canada by combining test kits and high-quality personal protective equipment. Follow ScreenPro on Twitter @TheScreenPro.

NeonMind Biosciences

NeonMind Biosciences plan to transform lives through the treatment with psychedelics. They employ psychedelics and psychotherapy to help patients achieve durable weight loss and control appetite. Follow their progress on Twitter @neonmindbio, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

LifeSupply Health Supplies

LifeSupply is engaged in the business of marketing and selling medical, health, safety products, and related services. Stay connected with LifeSupply on Twitter @lifesupplytweet, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Recon Health

Recon Health uses edge computing and embedded Artificial Intelligence for remote patient monitoring, working on a novel medical device called Virtual Care Patch which provides clinical-grade, all-in-one, multi-sensor continuous monitoring of critical vital signs. Follow Recon Health on Twitter @ReconHealth and LinkedIn.

Harrison Healthcare

Harrison Healthcare is another Vancouver-based startup in the healthcare domain, already making significant strides. More about Harrison Healthcare can be found on LinkedIn.


Finally, Plitio, led by founder Kayhan Moayeri, is another name to watch out for in the world of health care and pharmaceuticals. Stay connected with Plitio on Twitter @Plitiopharmacy, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

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