Vancouver Venture Capital: Spotlight on Rising Canadian Startups

January 23, 2024

Canada has a vibrant startup ecosystem with Vancouver leading the charge in fostering a thriving hub for venture capital (VC) investments. Startups in this space are not only attracting capital but also paving the way for innovation. The spotlight is now on these startups established in 2020 or later, who are disrupting the VC industry from their headquarters in Vancouver, British Columbia. Here are some noteworthy ones that have caught our attention.

From blockchain and fintech to angel investing and financial services, these startups are leveraging technology to streamline operations, optimize investment strategies, and offer standout services. Their efforts are contributing to the growth of the Canadian, and indeed the global, venture capital industry. The journey of these startups also offers valuable insights for both new and established players in the industry.

Each of these startups has a unique mission and strategy, reflecting the diverse and dynamic landscape of VC investing in Canada. Let’s take a closer look at what they’ve achieved and their plans for the future.

Atlas One

Atlas One, operating in the Blockchain, FinTech, and Venture Capital industry, was founded by George Nast. With the aim to leverage the power of technology in venture capital, they’ve earned a reputation for innovative solutions. Connect with them on


UpperStage.Capital, co-founded by Keith Gillard, brings together investment and operational experience to help businesses grow. They focus on impactful companies in community, sustainability, and wellness. FInd out more about UpperStage.Capital

Trending Equities

Founded by Jared Mitchell, Trending Equities stands at the intersection of multiple sectors – Advertising, Asset Management, Consulting, Digital Marketing, and Venture Capital. Find them on

Bluum Ventures

Bluum Ventures, co-founded by William Lymer, offers Venture Capital as a Service (VCaaS) to leading private investors and private wealth management advisory firms worldwide. Learn more about them

Cognitive Corporate Services

Focusing on Marketing, Public Relations, and Venture Capital, Cognitive Corporate Services were founded by Darragh Grove-White, Erin Campbell, and John Costigan. Connect with them on

XTY Capital

XTY Capital is an Angel Investment, Financial Services, and Venture Capital startup founded by Alex Hua and Fathi Qaddoura. Visit their

Sublime Ventures

Sublime Ventures is a web3 venture capital firm that invests along with the world’s leading institutional VCs in companies which they believe will bring web3 technologies to the masses. You can connect with them on

These startups from Vancouver exemplify the spirit of innovation that characterizes the venture capital industry. They reflect the vibrancy and potential of the region’s thriving startup scene, and their~ growth and successes bode well for the future of VC in Canada.

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