Vancouver’s Analytics Startups: Emerging Canadian Innovators in Data Industry

January 5, 2024

As we continue to explore the innovative Canadian startups that recently entered the scene, in this article we direct our focus towards Vancouver. Despite the many challenges of 2020 onwards, a notable number of startups have emerged in Vancouver, especially in the Analytics field. These tech pioneers are driving change in various industries, from e-commerce to sustainability, using data and analytics in remarkable ways. This article showcases a selection of Vancouver based analytics startups, sharing their unique stories and solutions.

The city of Vancouver has long been recognized for its vibrant tech scene, and these new startups seem to be adding colours to it. Diverse in their applications and innovative in their approaches, these startups represent the ambition and determination of Canada’s entrepreneurial spirit. Through artificial intelligence, e-commerce solutions, disaster management, and demand forecasting, these startups provide diverse solutions to address some of the world’s critical challenges and needs.

Let’s dive in to explore these startups, their backgrounds, and their contributions to the field of analytics. As we unravel their stories, we will understand how these businesses are impacting various industry sectors and pushing boundaries in their quest for technological advancement.

ESG Analytics

Founded by Qayyum Rajan, ESG Analytics delves into the realm of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors, providing insight and analysis through artificial intelligence. The platform uses alternative data to offer ESG analysis for companies, countries, and ETFs. Connect with them via their LinkedIn profile.

ari Technologies

Sheenah Rogers-Pfeiffer introduced ari Technologies, a startup that brings shopping experience to the next level by connecting creator content with shoppers and delivering organic performance data to brands. Visit their LinkedIn page to learn more.

EarthDaily Analytics

Founders Cameron Chell and George Tyc offer evidence-based, actionable insights for addressing some of the world’s significant challenges through EarthDaily Analytics. The company aids in sustainable agriculture, disaster management, climate change monitoring and forestry protection. Discover more on their LinkedIn page.

Infostrux Solutions

Goran Kimovski’s Infostrux Solutions is a startup in the field of analytics, business intelligence, data center, database, and information technology. Get to know them better by visiting their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.


Fastloop, founded by Breedon Grauer and Trevor Carr, offers big data, advanced analytics, and cloud technology consulting services. Additionally, they are a certified Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, Databricks, and AWS partner. Link with Fastloop on their LinkedIn page.

Flashana Technologies Inc.

Flashana is transforming retail enterprises by delivering predictive analytics solutions. Their cloud-based solution enables small to medium enterprises to predict demand effectively, helping to maintain inventory efficiently. Learn more on their LinkedIn page.

Kamu Data

Kamu Data, a startup operating in data integration and blockchain, is enabling collaboration on data on the same scale as we currently see in software. You can visit their LinkedIn page for further details.


Founded by Heidi Ye and Rachel Wong, RocketBrew is a competitive intelligence platform for e-commerce brands, offering intuitive and interactive dashboards that deliver market insights at a glance. Connect with them on Facebook and LinkedIn.

ORBintel Decision Guidance

David Huer’s ORBintel Decision Guidance swiftly monetizes and measures the value of data, improving its quality and leveraging it for better decision-making. Check out their website for more information.

The digital world is evolving faster than ever, and these startups exemplify the innovation driving this progress. While they traverse different paths within the analytics field, they are all united by their commitment to push technological boundaries and create a better future.

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