Vancouver’s Innovative Construction Startups Elevating Canadian Building Industry

January 6, 2024

Despite the impacts of the global pandemic throughout 2020 and beyond, several new startups in the construction industry are showing exceptional promise, particularly, those domiciled in Vancouver, Canada. Leveraging technology, these fledgling companies have begun disrupting traditional construction methods, offering digital solutions that pave the way for improved industry processes. In this feature, we spotlight some of these startups that have launched since 2020, shedding light on how they’re making waves in the construction sector.

Noteworthy is the fact that most of these startups were born in a challenging economic climate, provoking them to innovate, solve complex problems and stand out in an otherwise crowded market. These companies are exploring avenues in construction that are yet to be fully tapped and are adding value in individual and collective ways. In no particular order, here is a sample of startups that are making their marks.

We gathered information about their operations, locations, missions, and the people behind their ideas to give you a holistic view of their potential. Through weaving digital technology with construction know-how, these companies aim to redefine the industry’s landscape.


Based in Vancouver and operating in the Apps, Construction, and Software spaces, BuildMapper is a platform that precises lead generation and connection in construction. The platform’s specialty is fostering links between subcontractors, suppliers, builders, and homeowners for new construction project opportunities. Their mission is to increase transparency and create new project opportunities, utilizing new project permit data. Facebook, LinkedIn


Founded by Tim Sportschuetz, MusterPoint is a marketplace dedicated to facilitating rental transactions between owners of underutilized owner-operated construction equipment and contractors. MusterPoint provides a central marketplace for equipment owners to increase gross rental revenue while reducing the risks associated with rental transactions. Facebook, LinkedIn


OnTraccr, founded by Jas Nijjar, Shane McNamara, and Syed Ahmed, promises to revolutionize the way construction is handled. They have created an automated construction workflow software that tends to time-consuming tasks so that construction professionals can focus on more critical tasks. Facebook, LinkedIn

Essential Construction

Essential Construction is an online marketplace that provides construction professionals with easy access to digital construction resources such as documents and tutorials. The goal is to save professionals’ time during their work week by making access to these resources easy and efficient. Facebook, LinkedIn


Founded by Andrii Malovanyi and Dmitriy Ivanchuk, HeyPros provides subcontractors with a platform to get projects, book them, manage them, and get paid all in one place. The platform aims to streamline the commercial process for subcontractors, promoting efficiency in the handling of projects. LinkedIn


Digs promises to enhance the processes of residential home builders with its easy-to-use solutions. This startup has stepped into the construction industry with a mission to simplify the process and promote efficiency for builders. LinkedIn

With their innovative solutions, these startups have positioned themselves as critical players in the modernization of the construction industry. By leveraging technology, these companies are better equipping industry professionals, improving efficiency, reducing waste, and increasing profits. As they continue to grow and develop, we look forward to the next groundbreaking developments they’ll bring to the construction industry in Vancouver and beyond.

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