Vancouver’s Pioneering Energy Startups: Innovating Canada’s Renewable Sector

January 23, 2024

As we enter the new year, we continue to see an influx of inventive and promising Startups emerging across a multitude of industries in Canada. In this series, we draw attention to a selection of companies that have emerged since 2020 in one of the nation’s most crucial sectors – the Energy industry. Specifically, we are honing in on Vancouver, British Columbia, to highlight the innovative work taking place. The startups selected provide a glimpse into how the energy industry is evolving by capitalizing on the advancements in oil and gas, renewable energy and infrastructure developments.

These startups demonstrate the potential for business development and growth within the Energy industry, by leveraging innovation and technological advancements in the sector. With their unique approaches and solutions, they’re helping to shape the future of the industry, paving the way for others to follow.’

Without further ado, here are a few of the startups whose inception was in 2020 or later, operating in the energy industry, and whose headquarters are located in Vancouver, BC:

EverGen Infrastructure

Founded by Chase Edgelow and Mischa Zajtmann, EverGen Infrastructure is an energy company dedicated to tackling climate change through renewable natural gas infrastructure. Their main objective is to promote a sustainable future starting from the West Coast. For more details, connect with them on LinkedIn.


As an established consultant in renewable energy, Powertrust offers development, financing, and operations expertise for renewable energy projects. They have their headquarters in Vancouver since their formation in 2020. Check them out on LinkedIn for updates.

NeoGreen Hydrogen

NeoGreen Hydrogen is a large-scale green hydrogen developer focusing on rising markets in the industry of industrial renewable energy and sustainability. Keep up with them on LinkedIn.

Green Impact Partners

Green Impact Partners is a startup in the energy sector based in Vancouver. Get to know more about them through their LinkedIn profile.

Lincoin Technologies Inc.

Lincoin Technologies was established by founders Medi Naseri and Mostafa Shariat. As a leading North American Bitcoin mining technology company, Lincoin is setting new standards for transparency, monitoring, and auditability. You can follow them on Twitter @LincoinPool and LinkedIn.

MCF Energy

MCF Energy specializes in the identification, exploration, and development of oil and gas properties. Keep an eye on them on Twitter @mcfenergy and LinkedIn.

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