Yashu Kapila: The Most Trusted and Best Software Testing Service Provider in the Market

BugRaptors is amongst the most trusted and best software testing service provider in the market. Bringing the legacy of Seasia group, BugRaptors is an independent software testing company that brings CMMi Level 5 certification to offer the highest quality and lowest risk solutions to the clients.

For us customer is the king, that is why our team works hard to provide end-to-end solutions ranging from consultation to software testing services, thereby providing unceasing quality support to our clients.

We specifically target the Quality Assurance domain. Besides, we aim at maintaining a superior quality of testing services that ensure the highest quality & high user satisfaction.

Over the years we have gained proficiency on using the latest technological tools, frameworks, and practices that contributed in building us a robust global clientele.

Tell us about yourself?

My name is Yashu Kapila and I am the CEO of BugRaptors. After completing my Master’s in Computer Application, I started my career journey pursuing different roles like Quality Consultant to QA Lead, Senior Quality Manager, and Vice president.

I was always a tech enthusiast and the exposure that I had from various career roles inspired me to look at the bigger picture. Diving into the various concepts of Quality Assurance and software testing allowed me to witness the true potential it can offer to the digital transformation concept.

Being a first-generation entrepreneur and CEO of a company, I am responsible for managing the overall operations of the company. It includes delegating and directing agendas, driving profitability in business, managing organizational structure, creating business development and resilience strategies, and most importantly inside and outside communications.

If you could go back in time a year or two, what piece of advice would you give yourself?

One advice I wish that I would have given myself back in time would be to stress less. Being a work enthusiast, I barely gave myself a “me time”. I believe, sparing some time for your own self not only helps you self-assess yourself but drives more productivity in your life. It brings you balance and more importantly, complements the most important aspect of personal health.

I think everyone should work on it while they still have it. I also practice mediation and yoga on everyday basis for maintaining my mental health. Also, one piece of advice to every working man/woman is to never miss weekly outings with your friends and family, as it really helps you to stay motivated.

What problem does your business solve?

We empower the IT landscape with Quality Assurance & Software Testing services.

Since, the digital wave has created a huge need for technologies like software, applications, websites, and PWAs. From industry operations to resource management, the demand for the technology is immediate and therefore to overcome the lag in time to market, most developers try to skip the QA part.

Since skipping on quality assurance and testing could possess serious business threats and compliance issues, BugRaptors helps IT firms to close the gap through manual and automated testing services with highly standardized and custom QA support.

Our standard QA offerings include manual testing such as functional testing, compatibility testing to name a few. However, when we talk about specialized QA services, it includes wide aspects, such as; Security testing, big data testing, cloud testing, automation testing services that further includes various types of automation testing.

TCOE Setup (Test Center of Excellence) tool feasibility services, Datawarehouse, ETL Testing, Localization, and API testing are the major test advisory services that we offer to different domains like banking, e-commerce, media, insurance, e-tech, real estate, etc.

We help clients across the globe to create sustainable and scalable technology which is free from bugs, offers zero defect leakage, and 100 percent flexibility.

What is the inspiration behind your business?

Technology always fascinated me. Since my childhood I loved indulging myself in technical things and once I did my master, the interest got even more stronger. Moreover, the enthusiasm to learn more pushed me exploring all the dynamics of QA industry and polishing my skills.

After gaining expertise in Manual Testing, I made myself proficient in Automated Testing while understanding every detail of performance testing, API testing using custom tools, Automated test data generation, UI testing, Test Scripts migration to name a few.

Apart from such technicalities, I had a knack for networking, based on personalized interactions which further shaped my interest in managing business relationship with clients. And as I developed command on testing and business operations, I identified the scope for quality assurance in the technology industry, making way for BugRaptors.

What is your magic sauce?

Our magic sauce at BugRaptors in our belief to always give our best!! Competition is required in every field as that’s the only thing that brings out the full potential one has. In my opinion, when we need to stand out from our competitors, it is giving our customers a reason to refer us to others.

Every organization has strengths and weaknesses. Rather than getting glued to monitoring what competitors are doing all day, I believe in exploring the pain points of the clients. After all, the only thing that can help outshine competitors in the market, Being the best in what we do.

Above all, we have a vision to be most employee friendly organization in all the regions we operate. From creating a culture where people are heard for their opinions and point of view to empowering women, we believe recognizing our corporate social responsibilities is one of the most important ingredients of our magic sauce.

What is the plan for the next 5 years? What do you want to achieve?

Every year there is something new coming up in terms of technological advancements. The requirements of customers’ change throughout. The ultimate goal or plan for our team in future is to fulfil the demands of clients. Besides, our focus would be on integrating Agile, DevOps, and QAOps more deeply into our QA operations while harnessing the power of AI and ML to meet the technology needs of future.

Also, providing satisfaction to our clients with quality services all the time is some of our company’s goals.

We want to help foster a more prominent global impression by enabling our clients on taking their business to the next level and have the vision to be the biggest industry player. Right now, BugRaptors is a software testing and QA service provider for North America, Europe, Asia Pacific and South America. Still, we want to be a loyal vendor for the rest of all other regions of the world.

Besides, we need to expand as an organization at internal levels, driving all the enthusiasm, creativity, and positive engagement with employees.

With a notion to empower women in corporate sector, we would also be aiming to reserve 60 percent of our employee strength for the highly motivated and inspiring women who can bring the change and be an example for others. As an organization, BugRaptors will always aim to be the name for quality, whether it be clients, employees, or society.

What is the biggest challenge you’ve faced so far?

The only biggest challenge we witnessed was amid the outbreak of covid-19, which shook the entire globe. Things were a little challenging. We couldn’t anticipate anything at that time.

The sudden lockdown situation got so much at stake, like shifting to a remote workplace, communication gap, flexible working hours to name a few. However, with the collaborative efforts of the team, rapid changes to organizational policies, and early adaptation to a hybrid work model helped us shine through.

How do people get involved/buy into your vision?

At Bugraptors, we believe in adding quality to already existing technology in order to involve people into our quality assurance solutions.

We believe in disseminating solutions that are bug free and are reliable. And with the vision to create sustainable and scalable technology for the future, we want BugRaptors to be the primary choice of the new age IT service providers who have vision to redefine mobile application and software industry.

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