20 Best Canadian Movie Podcasts of 2022

Are you wanting to learn more about canadian movie? Well you’ve come to the right place. This is a curated list of the best canadian movie podcasts of 2022.

We have selected these podcasts for a variety of reasons, but they are all well worth a listen. We tried to select a variety of podcasts across the spectrum from hosts with a wide breadth of experience.

Best Canadian Movie Podcasts 2022

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A Podcast on Elm Street

  • Publisher: Marc and Brooke
  • Total Episodes: 356

A podcast discussing horror movies from 2 Canadian horror movie fans. Every week we get together and discuss a different movie in length. Find us on IG: @a_podcast_on_elm_street

Geekoholics Anonymous Video Game Podcast

  • Publisher: @Geekoholics is hosted by @RicF and @DayneCody
  • Total Episodes: 183

A place where Geeks can speak freely about the things they love. We might be addicted but that isn’t a problem around here. Geekoholics are addicted to everything Geek, from games to movies you name it and we talk about it. Hosted by your Canadian bros Dayne and Rico, we share our unique take on Geek culture.

Into The Planet Podcast

  • Publisher: Jill Heinerth
  • Total Episodes: 46

JILL HEINERTH is a Canadian cave diver, underwater explorer, writer, photographer, and filmmaker. She is a veteran of over thirty years of filming, photography, and exploration on projects in submerged caves around the world. She has made TV series, consulted on movies, written several books and is a frequent corporate keynote speaker. Jill is the first Explorer in Residence for the Royal Canadian Geographical Society, recipient of Canada’s prestigious Polar Medal and the diving world’s highest honor from the Academy of Underwater Arts and Sciences, the NOGI Award. In recognition of her lifetime achievement, Jill was awarded the Sir Christopher Ondaatje Medal for Exploration. She is a Fellow of the Explorers Club and member of the inaugural class of the Women Divers Hall of Fame.

A Part Of Our Scare-itage

  • Publisher: Adam and Sarah @
  • Total Episodes: 51

Sarah & Adam watch and discuss all the classic and not-so-classic Canadian horror movies.

Blond Radio

  • Publisher: Brad Kettner
  • Total Episodes: 71

I’m Brad, a west coast Canadian who watches too many movies and loves to be behind a camera. Every week I book calls with strangers from around the world. Blond Radio is a place to ask, discuss, and ultimately listen to a new perspective.

Disney, Eh?

  • Publisher: Disney, Eh?
  • Total Episodes: 78

Disney, Eh? is a travel podcast for Disney nerds from a Canadian perspective. Brandon and Krysta chat each week about travel and loving Disney, and they won’t even say sorry about it. Movies, series, news, the parks, travel tips: they’ll chat about it all. So pack your ears, turn down the hockey game, and join us.

EETF Podcast

  • Publisher: EETF Podcast
  • Total Episodes: 41

EETF Podcast — Everything Except the Football. Just a friendly Canadian talking about sports, movies, music, etc., solo or interview-style! (Note: There might be some football.)

Growing Up ’80s

  • Publisher: Darren Foulds with Robin Harbron
  • Total Episodes: 26

Canadian Couch-Sitters Darren and Robin talk about all the great movies, video games, comics, music and other stuff from the 80s that they loved as they grew up and that they still enjoy!

Buenavista and Main Street Podcast

  • Publisher: Buena Vista and Main Street
  • Total Episodes: 25

Two Canadian girls who love all things Disney. From trips to planning to movies and merchandise. We love it all and wanted to share it with you!

Film & Spirits

  • Publisher: Frederic Bourgeois-LeBlanc & Sean Gallagher
  • Total Episodes: 17

Two Canadian gents, movie critics and whisky amateurs discussing trends in cinema and TV…while having a drink. This show is presented by ScreenHub Entertainment. Opening theme composed and mixed by Jeremie Corriveau

Two Gringos with Questions

  • Publisher: Global Americans
  • Total Episodes: 43

Global Americans and the Canadian Council for the Americas presents Two gringos with questions, an interview series featuring political and cultural leaders from across the Americas. Your hosts GA Board Member Chris Sabatini and CCA’s President Kenneth Frankel, two gringos who focus on and work in Latin America and the Caribbean, will ask policymakers, business leaders and cultural movers and shakers about their views on the region and its future. The series will provide informal and unexpected information on what’s going on in Latin America and in the Western Hemisphere as a whole. Of course, they’ll ask policymakers about their policy plans, but will also ask them about their take on cultural events, trends and their personal tastes and lives. On the other side they’ll ask musicians, authors, movie directors and cultural trendsetters not just on what they think is hot in terms of new cultural trends but also on their political views.

Mike Gould Talks

  • Publisher: Mike Gould
  • Total Episodes: 5

Mike Gould Talks features Mike Gould talking — surprise, surprise. Mike Gould is a Canadian teen/almost-twenty-something who likes sports, movies, and the little things in life. He talks about all those things and more on Mike Gould Talks.

Ricky Talks

  • Publisher: @quietstormricky
  • Total Episodes: 20

Any shy, wallflower, quiet types in the room? Often overlooked and misunderstood, I’ve always had a problem with using my voice. Whether it’s drawing a blank, nerves or self-doubt, it’s been a challenge to say what I want and to be heard. Ricky Talks is a passion project and podium for finding and amplifying my own voice and saying my peace. Keeping it short and light, I’ll explore thoughts around my experiences as a photographer, movie watcher, Filipino-Canadian, mother, new Hamiltonian and anything else that comes naturally. Say hello on Twitter @quietstormricky!

Dino Boys

  • Publisher: Dylan Fairman & Brady Fleming
  • Total Episodes: 12

Two Canadian Comedians get some of the facts right when it comes to dinosaurs. Dylan Fairman teaches Brady Fleming about a different dinosaur every week. If you want to learn a little but laugh a lot, check out this great podcast.The intention of the guys is not to teach you so much as to show how funny talking about dinosaurs can be. We all don’t need to brush the child like interest we used to have under the table. Instead lets move the conversation so that dinosaurs arn’t just a blockbuster movie or palaeontology isn’t just the occupation of a sub par character in a meh sitcom. Follow us on our social’s

Ed the Sock & Liana Kerzner – NSFW

  • Publisher: Ed the Sock & Liana Kerzner
  • Total Episodes: 3

Canadian TV icon Ed the Sock and his foil, the outspokenly witty redhead Liana K, talk about news, politics, music, TV, movies, comic books, sports, pop culture and anything else under the sun, in a stream-of-consciousness podcast that rivals James Joyce’s Ulysses. Okay, not really, but this is supposed to be hype, right?

Reel Friends, No Borders

  • Publisher: Reel Friends, No Borders
  • Total Episodes: 16

In “Reel Friends, No Borders”, Joanna Smith and Sean Volk chat about movies and tv, surprise each other with questions and engage in some serious international friendship. Some helpful context: Joanna (a Canadian) and Sean (an American) met in the Film Studies grad program at Western University in London, Ontario. She wrote about explicit sex, he studied monsters and they became fast friends. Now separated by hundreds of miles (or kilometers for our non-US listener), the pals close the gap with fancy microphones and fun banter. Come for the movies, stay for the friendship!

Rewind Fast Forward

  • Publisher: Kingston Canadian Film Festival
  • Total Episodes: 11

The Rewind Fast Forward podcast offers a casual chat with Canada’s preeminent filmmakers. Hosted by Thom Ernst (formerly of TVO’s Saturday Night at the Movies), this podcast is proudly presented by the Kingston Canadian Film Festival.

90 Minute Life

  • Publisher: Paul
  • Total Episodes: 73

Join us every week where like a traditional soccer match, this is a podcast in two halves. Hosted by Paul & Josh, the first half is about soccer and centers on Cavalry FC and the Canadian Premier League. The second half, from music, movies, and even video games, is about everything else.

Right of Way, The by Gilbert Parker (1862 – 1932)

  • Publisher: LibriVox
  • Total Episodes: 38

Charley Steele is a successful and brilliant Canadian lawyer. He has a nagging wife, Kathleen, and a lazy brother-in-law, Billy. In spite of his success, he is disillusioned with his life, drinks too much, and is deeply troubled by his agnosticism which leads to trouble and confusion. When Billy embezzles money, Charley discovers the theft and sets out to make things right. Charley however, ends up in a waterfront saloon where he encounters a barroom brawl and becomes unconscious. Charley loses his memory and ends up in the Canadian Northwoods where he falls in love with a pretty postmistress, Rosalie. He finds he is perfectly content with his “new” life but when his memory returns, he is deeply disturbed by his past and ponders whether to return to his old life to make amends. Mystery, romance, and intrigue are interwoven throughout the novel. The Right of Way was made into movies in 1915, 1920, and 1931. (Summary by Tom Weiss)

After Hours

  • Publisher: SabreX7
  • Total Episodes: 5

Welcome to After Hours, presented by Graveyard Crew “Your home for late night gaming!” After Hours hosted by twitch streamer SabreX7 is a podcast discussing things like gaming, movies, the gaming industry and much, much more! As the name implies the team streams the podcast late at night, but uploads are every Saturday! Join Sabre, Joshuaare and Unimportant Canadian as they talk just talk.

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