Top British Columbia Startups Revolutionizing Canada’s Accounting Industry

January 6, 2024

Despite the global pandemic and economic uncertainty, the startup ecosystem in British Columbia has shown resilience and adaptability, particularly within the accounting industry. A new generation of startups has emerged, harnessing the power of innovative technology to offer products and services that are challenging traditional methods of accounting. This article spotlights seven startups from British Columbia, all established in 2020 or beyond, who are redefining the accounting industry.

All these enterprises have shown significant promise in leveraging technology to enhance functionality within various aspects of accounting. From environmental engineering to the healthcare sector, and from human resources to cryptocurrency – these startups have utilized their accounting prowess to make a mark. Let’s take a closer look at these ambitious new additions to the British Columbian startup scene.

We begin in Abbotsford with HiPoint AG (EPR ZERO), a company working to revolutionize accounting in the environmental engineering sector.


Founded by Paul Cross, HiPoint AG (EPR ZERO) aims to make waste tracking more efficient and transparent. The company combines the principles of responsible disposal and reuse to help haulers and local authorities offset waste management costs. HiPoint’s key service is the EPR Zero software – an innovative solution for waste management, disposal, and reuse. Connect with them on LinkedIn.


Moving on to the healthcare sector, Benepeak based in Vancouver is utilizing their accounting expertise to reshape healthcare and health insurance processes. With a focus on personal health, Benepeak is creating mobile apps designed to streamline accounting in healthcare. The company details can be found on their LinkedIn profile.

Fiscal Talent

In the HR field, Fiscal Talent, also based in Vancouver, has combined accounting with staffing and recruitment. Founded by Alex McAulay and Devon Loosdrecht, the company uses intelligent solutions to optimize recruiting processes. More about Fiscal Talent can be found on their LinkedIn page.

Lincoin Technologies Inc.

Lincoin Technologies Inc., helmed by Medi Naseri and Mostafa Shariat, is using accounting to guide the way in Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency. The company’s primary focus is to develop the next generation of tools for bitcoin mining, reinventing standards for transparency, monitoring and auditability. Connect with them on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Cerazy Accounting and Business Consulting Corp.

Specializing in accounting and business consulting, Cerazy Accounting and Business Consulting Corp. offers an array of services to businesses of all sizes. This Langley-based company, founded by Przemek Cerazy, aims to redefine accounting within the business information systems and consulting sectors.

Knight Media Corp.

Finally, we spotlight Knight Media Corp., a lead generation agency for accounting firms. Founded by Shawn Heeren, the Vancouver-based company is committed to creating an extraordinary customer experience and satisfaction. To learn more about Knight Media Corp., follow them on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

The diversity and innovation of these 2020-born startups demonstrate the vibrant entrepreneurial spirit in British Columbia. They prove that no matter the industry or sector, efficient and technologically advanced accounting solutions are critical for businesses to flourish. There’s much excitement to see what the future holds for these burgeoning companies.

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