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5 Best Health Apps For Android Phones

Want to measure your heart rate? No problem — get an app on Android and be on the lookout for your vital signs. Thanks to developers, there are many apps that you can use today to manage your health, not just apps that provide entertainment, like Vegas casino.

Today, we will provide you with a list of the five best health apps for Android phones. Ultimately, we encourage you to pick one that you find helpful.

1. MyFitnessPal

This app allows you to track your progress in nutrition. It also has features you can use to monitor weight loss and the amount of water you consume.

In general, here are the things you can expect:

  • An app that functions as a nutrition coach
  • Meal planner for the week
  • A diary of food
  • Water consumption tracker
  • Calorie tracker.

Please take note that this is not an app that would restrict your diet. It merely allows you to track what you eat and what you have been doing to your body. It also provides you with a recommendation to improve your lifestyle and get rid of bad habits.

The app has more than 100 million downloads. Recently, the developers added a feature they call Meal Scan. It is an essential logging tool where you scan your food ingredients, and it provides you with information about the calories of that food.

2. Fooducate

Fooducate is a calorie counter that rates foods based on letters for easy interpretation. For example, a type of food that is healthy for you will receive a rating of A.

The app shows not just calorie content but macros and other nutrients. Some examples are total fat, saturated fat, fibre, sugar, cholesterol, etc.

Here are some of the app’s best features:

  • Track meals, snacks, and water intake
  • Track calorie quality and macronutrients from a meal
  • Track your weight loss progress.

The app has over 350,000 products in its database that use barcodes. So, if you are in a grocery store or if you buy canned goods, you can scan the barcode of that food and the app will add that to the calculation of your calorie intake, not just show you the calorie content and macronutrients.

If the app determines that the food is not healthy, it will suggest a better alternative. You can also share your meals with a community of people who share the same passion for health.

3. Instant Heart Rate

With over 10 million downloads, Instant Heart Rate uses your phone’s camera to measure your finger’s pulse wave. It is an alternative to a heart monitor device.

Here are the things it can do:

  • Provide you with a reading of your heart rate in less than ten seconds
  • Check the level of your stress
  • Monitor your heart rate trend
  • Give you insights as to what is going on
  • Measure BPM and see a PPG graph similar to what you see in an ECG or EKG reading
  • Monitor your heart rate before and after exercise.

Right now, Instant Heart Rate is hailed as the world’s top heart rate mobile monitor app. Moreover, it is a reliable tool that even Stanford cardiologists use in clinical trials.

4. mySugr

This app is a tracker for people who have diabetes. What it essentially does is help you track your carb intake and glucose patterns. The app can also show you insights into your condition.

Here are some of the things it can do:

  • Provide you with a personalized dashboard of your nutrition
  • Calculate insulin dose recommendations
  • Create a chart of your blood sugar levels
  • Provide weekly and monthly reports.

You can integrate the app with Google Fit, Accu-Chek, and other apps. If you purchase the pro version, you can access more features like PDF and Excel reports, reminders for blood glucose levels, and a meal app where you can take a photo of a meal and then see how much carb it has.

5. myTherapy

Last on the list is an app that functions as a pill reminder. It is ideal for people who must take medications regularly. As an award-winning app, there are over 5 million downloads already.

Here are the things you can do with it:

  • Set calendars and timelines for pill intake alarm
  • Track your mood
  • Maintain a health journal
  • Track your weight.

The app also has a wide range of measurements for different health issues. For example, the app can help you measure your blood pressure, sugar levels, etc. Overall, the app can provide readings for at least 50 types of measurements.

Every day, the app will send you an image that is supposed to boost your mood and help you feel positive. It is ideal for people who have arthritis, multiple sclerosis, and heart diseases.

While all these apps are good, please note that they are not a sufficient alternative to a professional’s opinion. You must not interpret your readings as a disease is much more complicated than you think. Use the apps to guide your lifestyle, but consult your doctor regularly as you would without these apps.

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