5 Massive Ways AI Is Improving The Cannabis Industry

May 5, 2022
Photo by Richard T on Unsplash

People don’t expect much from cannabis purchased from shady dealers on the street. It’s different when you search for the perfect product online. The quality needs to be as high as possible, but it also needs to be affordable.

Finding unbelievable strains at rock-bottom prices is becoming easy thanks to artificial intelligence, which is revolutionizing the industry. Let’s discuss some of the main reasons it will change everything in the future.

1. Monitoring Cannabis Fields

Once AI is looking after cannabis fields, it will stop animals from ruining the plants. Humans will be caught before they have time to cause damage. Companies will be able to spend less money to hire security guards 24/7.

Cameras can also monitor what’s happening to the plants while they grow. If you want to use a different fertilizer in a small area to find the best cannabis strains, AI will be able to compare it to the main crop by analyzing recordings.

2. Trimming Marijuana Plants

Trimming marijuana plants must have felt like a thankless task in the past. If you tried to do everything manually today, it would be almost impossible to sell large amounts of craft cannabis online while making a profit.

Luckily, robots will take care of everything going forwards. Not only will companies be able to save ten times as much money on labor, but work will be finished three times as fast. Savings will be passed on to customers.

3. Analyzing Buying Habits

It’s much easier to know what people are buying today. Artificial intelligence will analyze buying habits of customers to ensure the best strains end up on the shelves, so you’ll always be able to find what you want.

AI will know which strains are selling better than others, how long it takes everything to leave the shelves, and which products customers like to mix together. It’s only going to get more advanced as time goes on.

4. Monitoring The Supply Chain

It’s not just large companies that will benefit from AI monitoring the supply chain; craft cannabis companies will reap the rewards too. Artificial intelligence will know when stocks are running low in certain stores.

If there is only a limited amount of stock in a warehouse, it will know how much to send to different locations around the country. Once AI notices things going wrong, it will be able to prevent them from happening again.

5. Printing The Correct Labels

Cannabis must have the correct labels otherwise it could cause lots of problems. Imagine if someone used a Savita strain thinking it was an Indica strain. It might send their already high anxiety levels through the roof.

It’s also possible children could get their hands on something with the wrong label. AI will ensure labels are never wrong. Some new technology can identify and label hundreds of cannabis strains without help.

The Future’s Looking Good

If you think artificial intelligence is making a big difference now, wait until you see what’s in store over the next decade. It’s almost impossible to guess what we’ll have available.

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