8 High-Growth Canadian Startups Hiring Android Developers

Fast-paced, innovation-driven startup roles for Android Developers are aplenty in Canada. Here’s a list of eight exciting opportunities you don’t want to miss!

Key Takeaways

  • A wealth of exciting Android Developer positions are available in Canada’s vibrant startup scene.
  • The companies on this list offer diverse work settings, including remote, hybrid, and traditional in-person roles.
  • These startups range from top cybersecurity firms to leading edtech platforms, providing a plethora of opportunities for developers to apply their skills.

1. Braintrust: Senior Android Developer – Freelance [Remote]

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Braintrust is an innovative startup focused on transforming traditional work structures. They are currently seeking a Senior Android Developer to work on a freelance and remote basis, allowing you the flexibility to work from anywhere in Canada.

2. 1Password: Senior Android Developer [Remote]

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1Password, one of the leading names in cybersecurity, is hiring a Senior Android Developer. This position is fully remote, offering flexibility and a chance to work on cutting-edge security technology from the comfort of your own home.

3. Prodigy Labs: Senior Android Developer – Hybrid (Toronto)

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Prodigy Labs, a technology services company, is seeking a Senior Android Developer for a hybrid role based in Toronto. Prodigy Labs offers an opportunity to work in a fast-paced startup environment, collaborating with a high-performing team on innovative solutions.

4. Konrad: Android Developer (Toronto)

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Konrad, a digital agency crafting end-to-end digital solutions, is hiring an Android Developer in Toronto. With a culture that encourages creativity and innovation, Konrad provides an ideal environment for developers looking to challenge themselves and grow professionally.

5. Konrad: Android Developer (Vancouver)

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Konrad is also seeking an Android Developer for their Vancouver location. This role provides an exciting opportunity to work on diverse projects in a city known for its thriving tech industry.

6. Yassir: Mobile Android Engineer (Montreal)

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Yassir, a transport and local services app, is hiring a Mobile Android Engineer in Montreal. This role offers a unique opportunity to contribute to the technological solutions that directly impact people’s day-to-day lives.

7. Top Hat: Senior Android Developer (Remote)

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Top Hat, a leading edtech startup, is in search of a Senior Android Developer for a remote position. This role offers an opportunity to develop engaging educational technology that enhances students’ learning experiences across Canada and beyond.

8. Mistplay: Senior Android Developer II (Montreal)

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Mistplay, a loyalty platform for mobile gamers, is looking for a Senior Android Developer in Montreal. This position offers a rare opportunity to work at the intersection of gaming and technology, contributing to a product that is enjoyed by millions of users worldwide.

Canada’s thriving startup scene offers Android Developers a host of opportunities to grow and excel in their careers. Whether it’s a remote, hybrid, or in-person role, each of these startups provides a unique environment in which developers can apply their skills, solve challenges, and make a real impact. Embarking on a career with a Canadian startup not only allows developers to be at the forefront of technological innovation but also contributes to Canada’s growing reputation as a global tech leader.

Photo by Raze Solar on Unsplash

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