Alberta’s Trailblazing Apps Startups Accelerating Tech Innovation in Canada

January 3, 2024

In the heartland of Alberta, Canada, a collection of innovative startups are reshaping the Apps industry with their technological breakthroughs. Being more than just fledgling enterprises, these startups are setting new standards in the industry, disrupting traditional norms, and delivering novel solutions to the industry’s most pressing challenges.

Founded in 2020 or later, these startups have been pioneering creative advancements and unique applications in the Apps industry. In addition, their innovative ecosystems and outstanding founders have earned them a place in the Alberta technological landscape. Through their efforts, they are making Alberta known to the world as a hub of technological adaptation, growth, and dynamism, and signaling optimism for the future of the industry.

Let’s take a detailed look at these Alberta-based startups driving change in the Apps industry.

Areto Labs

Located in Edmonton, Areto Labs has carved out its unique space in the Apps, Communities, Information Technology, and Software industry. Founded by Jacqueline Comer, Lana Cuthbertson, and Kasey Machin, Areto Labs has been designing revolutionary culture-building apps & bots that can be flawlessly integrated into digital community platforms.

Story City

Another exemplary startup located in Edmonton is Story City. This innovative enterprise, founded by Emily Craven, has found its niche innovating in the Augmented Reality, Gaming, Media and Entertainment, Mobile Apps, and Travel industry. It offers a no-code platform and app for location-based content & games, providing local writers, artists, filmmakers, performers, and tour guides an incredible opportunity to bring their cities to life for locals and tourists alike.


Founded by Ben Gervais, KeyFi, a Calgary based startup is causing a stir in the Apps, Consulting, and Software industry. Even though information about this startup is quite limited, it’s a company worth keeping an eye on.


Moving onto LyfeMD, another Calgary based startup but operates in the Apps, Health Care, and Lifestyle industry. Their holistic approach to digestive health management has proven to be both groundbreaking and beneficial to individuals managing inflammatory diseases.


Redefining the Automotive, E-commerce and Mobile Apps sector, Carbeeza finds its base in Edmonton. Founded by Sandro Torrieri, the promising startup is inching its way to bringing a significant impact in its industry.


Eimhe, a Calgary based outfit, is stirring things up in the Mobile, Mobile Apps, Small and Medium Businesses space. Specifics are quite limited for this startup, but what’s clear is that it holds promise for the future.


Situated in Edmonton, Elev was founded by Kevin Mpunga. This startup has been providing a practical way for students to find comfortable and peaceful accommodations. Definitely a firm to watch in the Apps industry.


Based in Calgary, Divorcepath is redefining the Apps, Legal, Legal Tech, and Software space with Canadian family law software for lawyers, and other family law professionals. Founded by James Shewchuck, the startup provides highly accurate child support and spousal support calculations with courtroom-ready reports in minutes.

ENA Solution

Another fascinating Calgary-based startup is ENA Solution which operates in the Information Technology and Mobile Apps space. Even though specific details about this startup are few and far between, it’s an enterprise worth following closely.


Geobark, a Calgary-based startup, sits on the crossroads of Apps, Internet, Marketplace, and Pet industries. The specifics about this enterprise are somewhat limited, but it does hold potential for the future.

Memory Anchor Inc.

Lastly, but most certainly not least, we have Memory Anchor Inc. located in Calgary. Founded by Matthew Cudmore and Ryan Mullens, this startup operates in the unique niche of Augmented Reality and Mobile Apps. This exciting enterprise is definitely one to watch.

In conclusion, these apps startups have showcased incredible creativity, resourcefulness, and innovation. Through their tireless efforts, they are reshaping Alberta’s technological landscape and making monumental strides in the Apps industry. Indeed, with such startups leading the way, the future of the Apps industry in Alberta is brighter than ever!

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